WandaVision Is All Set For An Excellent Finale
Matt Shakman Reveals Big Things Are Coming Up In The Finale Of The WandaVision(Photo Credit – Getty Images/Imdb)

Marvel Studio’s first series WandaVision gave the viewers an ultimate pre-finale episode last Friday. Not just that the fans came to know about the origin of Wanda Maximoff and Agatha Harkness but also the fact that there’s not one but two Vision roaming around.

But at the same time, there has been confusion around who the real Vision is. Everyone is now looking forward to the finale episode which is all set to stream on March 6. The last episode is expected to unveil all the mysteries of WandaVision and answer all the burning questions including the one about Vision.



Talking about the same, Director Matt Shakman told Collider. “That’s what the whole show has been about, how you come to terms with the loss. So that’s been the overarching theme of the show, the spine of the show. And that’s ultimately what we want to make sure that we’re resolving at the end. But we also want it to be surprising. We want it to be a lot of fun. We’ve introduced a new character at the end of 8 in White Vision — so now you have two Visions on the board. The question of ‘Who is the real Vision?’ will play out. So there’s a lot to come.”

Meanwhile, the fact that Agatha is a villain of WandaVision was kept as a huge surprise for the most part of the show. Talking about how the makers to pull it off, Shakman said, “There’s no scientific formula. So we certainly tried to drop a few, and when you have an amazing actor like Kathryn Hahn popping in as the nosy neighbour, I think most people’s antenna goes up. And if you’re a comic fan, maybe you notice her cameo and maybe you start to wonder how it might connect to the comic books. But for those who maybe aren’t as steeped in the comic book lore, we were hoping that it would be a legitimate sort of surprise, and for those who might be just a little bit ahead of it, we hope that the reveal was so much fun anyway that even if you saw it coming a little bit, you still thoroughly enjoyed the ride.”

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