WandaVision Memes: As The Final Episode Airs Today, Fans Storm The Internet Expressing How They Feel
The Last Episode Of WandaVision Is Here & Fans Share How they Feel(Photo Credit – Imdb)

The first project from Marvel’s phase four, WandaVision, has come to its end. After entertaining us for eight weeks now, the show has created a space for itself in the fans and minds of fans across the globe. As the finale episode premiered today, fans have taken to social media to share how they feel after watching the Scarlet Witch and her family for the last time today.


While we are sure to see Wanda Maximoff soon – yes, we know a year is not soon, but still – we may not meet Vision or their kids in the future. From expressing their sadness to bidding the show adieu and comparing Dr Starnge to asking the makers for therapy money and more, check out the memes netizens share on Twitter.

After watching the final episode of WandaVision, one user wrote, “#WandaVision #WandaVisionFinale i’m sending marvel my medical bills for causing physical and mental pain this scene caused” Another Netizen wrote, “me because they’re making us wait a YEAR for doctor strange 2.. #WandaVision” A third user wrote on Twitter, “Me after watching the finale of #WandaVision I’m totally fine, no need for therapy #WandaVisionFinale” Another user wrote, “WANDAVISION WRITERS IM SENDING YALL THE BILL FOR THERAPY”


Another fan, after watching the finale episode of the show, wrote, “me staring at my black screen after that second post-credits scene:” Another user took the social networking site writing, “’ you are my sadness and my hope. but mostly you are my love.’ wanda and vision’s relationship is just a perfect mix of beautiful and heartbreaking. (Loudly crying face)❤#WandaVision #WandaVisionFinale”

A fan wrote, “Vision and Vision discussing the Ship of Theseus #WandaVision” Another fan of the Disney show took to the comments and wrote, “These past 8 weeks #WANDAVISION has been an absolute joy to watch and the highlight of my time spent in lockdown. This show is by far my favourite piece of MCU content ever made. #WandaVisionFinale”

One netizen wrote, “this is not goodbye, see you soon” Another user wrote, “so wanda can project her astral form while being up and making coffee while the sorcerer supreme himself can only do it while he’s unconscious?? that’s on being the most powerful avenger” Another user wrote, “#WandaVision At least this time she kind of got to say goodbye”

Have you watched the finale episode of WandaVision?

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