Vijayendra Kumeria: My heart goes out to those who don't have supportive partners
Vijayendra Kumeria: My heart goes out to those who don’t have supportive partners(Pic Credit: Instagram/vijayendrakumeria)

Actor Vijayendra Kumeria, or Dev Parikh of Naagin 5, is saddened by people committing suicides, actor Sandeep Nahar being the latest case.


The late Nahar had, in his suicide note, stated his wife was mentally harassing him. Vijayendra feels it is very important to have supportive partners.


“It is sad and my heart goes for people when they don’t have supportive partners. A support system is something that can help you a lot but if it is the opposite then of course wrong decisions ought to happen,” Vijayendra Kumeria tells IANS.

“Insecurity is one of the main reasons for people getting worked up. It’s not just people from the entertainment industry who experience insecurity,” Vijayendra Kumeria adds.

“The majority of people ignore mental health and concentrate on the physical aspect of health,” said the actor, who often openly discusses mental health.

“Peaceful mind reflects on your body and your personality. Meditation is the best thing to do. It really helps to calm you down and handle your anxiety issues. Personally, I meditate, do breathing exercises and most importantly do things that I love to do, for example, read or paint,” said Vijayendra Kumeria, who will soon be seen in Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha.

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