Uorfi Javed Opens Up About Feeling Unsafe & How People Are Making Her Into A criminal For Her Bold Stance
Uorfi Javed Seeks Security From Politicians As She feels Unsafe & Thinks They Can Influence People To Hit Her ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Social media star Uorfi Javed is almost making the headlines every day with her bizarre clothes and her bold confidence. She often falls prey to netizens’ trolling and their harsh remarks. Not only that, she often receives r*pe and death threats from men. A few days back, BJP leader Chitra Wagh lodged an FIR against her for promoting nu*ity in public. Uorfi has always been vocal about all of this, and now once again, she has come out to address all the negativity directed at her.

As per reports on Tuesday, the Maharashtra State Commission for Women told the Mumbai police to arrange for security for Uorfi, going by the strings of controversies surrounding the actress.

In an exclusive interview with the Times Of India, Uorfi Javed opened up about the threats she has been receiving from common people and influential political leaders. Speaking of that, she said, “There are big political leaders who want to take things into their hands. If they think something is illegal, then they should go to the police or court, but people here want to take law into their own hands by threatening me publically and saying that they will hit me. That’s why I feel unsafe, and I’m left with no other option. It’s not some regular person who’s threatening me, but a politician who has the power to influence a lot of people. Many people follow them, and in that way, they can influence people to hit me. This isn’t right.”

Uorfi Javed also spoke about how people troll her for her clothes, saying, “Who decides what’s right and what’s not? Celebs say I am doing all this for attention… Yes, I am doing it for attention. This industry is all about getting popularity and getting attention, so what is wrong with it then?”

She further stated, “I am just a 25-year-old who has done nothing wrong, and these people are making me out to be a criminal. They are complaining about my clothes but are not willing to say anything to those who have been threatening me with murder and r*pe. These people don’t have a problem with my clothing; they are just here to get some attention by using my name.” Pointing out that there are others who dress like her, but only she gets targeted, Uorfi Javed said, “Today they are trying to dictate to me, slowly they will want to control all the girls and tell them what they should be wearing.”

Uorfi Javed also spoke about how her parents are concerned about her. For the unversed, they stay in Lucknow and, as per the report, do not interfere in their daughter’s life or career, but with the ongoing events, they are also worried about her. She said, “My mother gets worried when she hears about these things because it’s not just on social media; I get calls too.” Lastly, she also opened up about her work life, and she said she has no relationship or friendship in the industry and she would rather not do any work that she got based on her relationships than her acting talent, and that she “will never compromise just to get work.”

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