Uorfi Javed Reveals A Sharpshooter Has Been Forcing Her For ‘Video S*x’ – Shares Snapshots On Social Media
Uorfi Javed Reveals A Sharpshooter Has Been Forcing Her For ‘Video S*x’ ( Photo Credit – Uorfi Javed / Instagram )

Internet sensation Uorfi Javed has once again become the talk of the town. This time the actress has grabbed headlines not for her bizarre fashion choices, but for something rather scary. After slamming the system for letting a man – who threatened to kill and cyber r*pe her – out on bail due, she has made a shocking revelation. Recently, Uorfi took to her Instagram stories and shared snapshots of her chat with an unknown number.

The actress claims that she received a video call from an unknown number but when she cut the call he started to threaten her on WhatsApp.



Taking to social media, Uorfi Javed revealed that a man named Obed Afridi, who is currently behind bars, forces her for “video s*x”. He once called her but when she cut the call he first threatened her and then sent her her a YouTube video of sharpshooter and gangster Tillu Tajpuria.

Taking to her Insta stories, Uorfi Javed wrote, “This man Obed Afridi and his so called best friend/girlfriend asked a sharpshooter to call and threaten me to delete the post. (submitted the evidence to the police where the sharp shooter mentioned both their names). When you stand for what’s right, people will try to frighten you, but always remember when a woman stand up for herself, she is actually standing up for every woman out there.”

Uorfi Javed wrote in next story, “I received msgs from 100 plus girls saying that this man Obed Afridi has harassed them too but why did it take so much time for him to get arrested because no one complains. Girls please start raising your voice against such sexual predators. This man is still in jail, tho he will come out some day but after that we need to start reporting his crimes, we need to boycott him. I feel ashamed when I see girls working with him, calling him ‘best friend”, like seriously? If you support a sexual predator, you’re actually encouraging him to molest more people. Girls please start reporting sexual predators, name and shame them.”

A few days back, Uorfi Javed took to her Instagram story and wrote a long note about the man in question. It read, “So this man has been harassing me for so long and now I had it. 2 years back someone morphed my photo and started distributing it, I had already filed a police complaint about that 2 years back and I went through hell at that time. I even uploaded a post 2 years which is still there on my profile. This man got a hold of that picture and had been blackmailing me to have video sex with him or else he will distribute the picture on various Bollywood pages and ruin my career. Yes, he was blackmailing me to cyber rape me (that’s the word for it).”

“This man has been arrested by @mumbaipolice , they caught him in delhi and got him hear for the legal proceedings. Anyone who works with s*xual predators is supporting them, we as society should boycott such people . Anyways this man is a threat to society, women. He shouldn’t be allowed to live freely .. Idk what action police will take now but just wanted to tell everyone about this man who is freely working in the Punjab industry,” read the caption further.

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