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The Outlaws are back! The third season of the hit comedy crime thriller show is soon going to be dropped on Prime Video. The series follows a group of strangers from different backgrounds who complete a Community Payback sentence in Bristol, and unintentionally get into trouble.

The group has a new challenge at hand in the upcoming season as they discover the dead body of a man and get blamed for his murder. So when will The Outlaws Season 3 premiere on Prime Video? Read on to find out.

The Outlaws Season 3: Release Date and Number of Episodes

The Outlaws Season 3 is going to premiere on Prime Video on Friday, May 31st, 2024. The new season is going to be a little shorter than the previous installments, featuring only five episodes, instead of the traditional six. However, on the plus side, all the episodes will be released together on the same day, unlike the previous seasons which followed a weekly release schedule. So, audiences can enjoy binge-watching the new season.

The Outlaws: What Happens in Season 3?

While the crime lord The Dean is in prison awaiting trial, things still do not look as bright for the group as they get into another trouble after discovering the body of a man murdered in a car. Rani Rekowski becomes the prime suspect in the murder, leading to more chaos for the group.

The official synopsis for the upcoming season says, “With crime boss The Dean behind bars awaiting trial, The Outlaws are moving on with their lives—until one of their own returns with a deadly secret, hurling them back into mortal danger. As a murder manhunt closes in on the gang, can they prove their innocence before The Dean’s case collapses, and he comes looking for revenge?”

The Outlaws: Who Stars in Season 3?

The main cast members are reprising their roles in the upcoming season, including Christopher Walken as Frank Sheldon, Stephen Merchant as Greg Dillard, Jessica Gunning as Diane Pemberley, Rhianne Barreto as Rani Rekowski, Gamba Cole as Ben Eastfield, Darren Boyd as John Halloran, Clare Perkins as Myrna Okeke, Charles Babalola as Malaki, Eleanor Tomlinson as Lady Gabby, and Tom Hanson as Spencer Fitzwilliam.

The Outlaws: Is There a Trailer for Season 3?

Prime Video unveiled the official trailer for The Outlaws Season 3 earlier this month, which teases more comedy, more thrill, and more crime in the upcoming episodes. Watch it below:

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