Bionic On Netflix: Release Date, Cast, Plot, & Everything We Know So Far
Bionic On Netflix: Release Date, Cast, Plot, & Everything We Know So Far ( Photo Credit – Netflix )

The Brazilian sci-fi action movie Bionic, also known as Biônicos, is coming to Netflix this May. The director, Afonso Poyart, promises an adrenaline-pumping experience unlike anything else in this film.

Bionic takes us on an engrossing voyage into the future while exploring potential moral dilemmas. Anticipate suspenseful action mixed with contemplations on how technology affects ancient customs such as sports. If you’re looking for release date, plot details, and cast details, look no further. Read below to learn everything we know so far about the movie Bionic.

When is Bionic going to be released?

Bionic will be released on Netflix on May 29, 2024. To watch the film, you must have a subscription to the streaming service.

What is Bionic movie about?

The dystopian setting of Bionic takes place in 2035 when bionic augmentations and technology have drastically altered human existence. The transition has made paralympic athletes into new sports stars, which has had a huge positive impact on the sports industry.

The primary storyline is about Maria, who competes with her sister in the long jump sport in an effort to win enormous recognition and acclaim. But Maria’s aspirations quickly take her down a violent and criminal path, where she meets some shady people with differing opinions about the status of the world today.

Who is starring in the Bionic movie?

The cast of Bionic includes Jessica Córes, Gabz, Bruno Gagliasso, Christian Malheiros, Miguel Falabella, Emily Nayara and Paulo Vilhena.

Is there a trailer?

The Bionic trailer teases the primary plots of two sisters who go down a very dark path since bionics control society and alter their lives while providing a brief glimpse of the film’s futuristic surroundings. Additionally, the teaser features amazing graphics with outstanding computer-generated imagery.

Check out the trailer of Bionic:

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