Comedian Sudesh Lehri Searches For Missing Krushna Abhishek, Recollects That Govinda Is Reason For Absence
Sudesh Lehri Looks For Krushna Abhishek In The Kapil Sharma Show, Remembers Govinda Is The Reason For His Absence (Photo Credit: Instagram/Wikipedia & Facebook)

Bollywood’s most loved and respected actor Govinda was recently seen in one of the behind-the-scenes videos of the Comic show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ where he was accompanied by his wife Sunita Ahuja. In the clip, Sudesh Lehri takes a hilarious dig at Krushna Abhishek’s absence.

The new BTS video from the show was recently uploaded on YouTube where the actor along with his wife appeared to be rehearsing their entry on the show and having laughs with Kapil.



Along with Govinda and Kapil Sharma, cast members Sudesh Lehri and Bharti Singh were also present on the set and appeared to be complaining about how their voices were never heard. But when they realized that they were being recorded they instantly change the topic. “Jaa yaar, hume chugliyaan karni hai (Please go, we want to backbite),” Sudesh joked.

Jokingly Sudesh Lehri also took a jab at his co-star Krushna Abhishek’s present family quarrels with Govinda’s family. The Bol Bacchan actor is going through a tough relationship with his uncle and aunt Sunita for the last couple of years. Attempting to tease Krushna, Sudesh said. “Mera partner kahaan hai? Krushna kidhar hai (Where is my partner? Where is Krushna)?”. From there he walked up to a bunch of children on the set where he was informed that the guest was Govinda.

Sudesh appeared stunned as he said, “Govinda sir aaye hai, isliye Krushna nahi mil Raha (Govinda sir is here, that is why Krushna is nowhere to be found).”

Check out the video below:

Krushna Abhishek was not present on that particular episode of the show, as he decided to skip the episode which featured Govinda and Sunita. Sunita later opened up by saying that she was ‘distressed beyond words.’ She also strikes out any reconciliation between the two families.

Meanwhile, Krushna believed to set things straight with his uncle and aunt, but his wife Kashmera Shah recently took a jab at Sunita, saying that she has no personality of her own and is just known as Govinda’s wife.

What do you think about this feud between Krushna Abhishek and Govind? Let us know in the comments below!

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