The Great Indian Kapil Show OTT Verdict (Week 12): Badshah Fails, Kartik Aaryan The Last Hope
The Great Indian Kapil Show: Kartik Aaryan Last Hope For Resurrection (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The moment The Great Indian Kapil Show was announced, the audiences were thrilled to have the funniest comic group on television returning with a new zeal and fervor. The first episode in fact raised the bar of expectations very high since it were the Kapoor siblings Ranbir and Riddhima along with their mother Neetu Kapoor.

The Great Indian Kapil Show Global Top 10 Run

And Kapil Sharma’s team delivered digitally since it made its entry in the Netflix Global Top 10 with its debut week. It continued to maintain its position in the top 10 in the upcoming weeks as well.

However, after Aamir Khan’s episode it took an exit but only to make a re-entry with Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol’s episode. But with the Heeramandi’s team airing on the seventh, The Great Indian Kapil Show has been sitting out of the Netflix Global Top 10 list.

The Great Indian Kapil Show Week 12

In the 12th week, Kapil Sharma and his team welcomed rappers Badshah, Divine, and Karan Aujla. Looking at their fan following globally, it was expected that they might push Kapil and his show back to the global top 10. But in the 12th week, The Great Indian Kapil Show garnered less than 700K views since the 10th spot has been occupied by the Manga series Kaiju No. 8: Season 1 with 700K views.

Kartik Aaryan The Last Hope

It would be good to see The Great Indian Kapil Show in the global top 10 list for one last time, and we hope Kartik Aaryan‘s charm might work for the show making a final entry to the top 10 before it takes a break to gear up for season 2.

Here’s how the breakdown of The Great Indian Kapil Show’s run on Netflix looks like.

  • Week 12: Less Than 700K Views
  • Week 11: Less Than 800K Views
  • Week 10: Less Than 1.1 Million Views
  • Week 9: Less Than 900K Views
  • Week 8: Less Than 700K Views
  • Week 7: Less Than 1 Million Views
  • Week 6: 1 Million Views | 5.4 Million Viewing Hours | Rank 10
  • Week 5: Less Than 1 Million Views
  • Week 4: 1.2 Million Views | 3.9 Million Viewing Hours | Rank 8
  • Week 3: 1.7 Million Views | 4.1 Million Viewing Hours | Rank 7
  • Week 2: 2.6 Million Views | 4.6 Million Viewing Hours | Rank 5
  • Week 1: 2.5 Million Views | 2.4 Million Viewing Hours | Rank 3

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