The Boys Season 2: Fans SLAM Amazon Prime For Weekly Episode Format, See REACTIONS!
The Boys Season 2: Fans SLAM Amazon Prime For Weekly Episode Format, See REACTIONS!

Superheroes are often loved, but they aren’t always loving. The Boys Season 2 is back to prove the same again! The Amazon Prime web series has changed the way admire and love superhero characters. It shows us the ugly and inhuman side of these people with special powers.


The season 2 is out and fans got to watch the first three episodes. However, they will now have to wait every week to watch a new episode. Fans are not pleased with this new format that Amazon Prime has started.


A lot of people went on the site and slammed Prime. They are not happy The Boys Season 2 episodes are not released altogether like the previous season. One person wrote, “What’s this new crap about an episode a week? What makes Prime of value to me is when I can stream an entire season at my leisure. So, to me “The Boys” isn’t actually back. I’ll wait until ALL the episodes are posted to watch.”

Another The Boys Season 2 fan wrote, “Love this show. Hate Amazon for only dropping one episode a week. Way to take the best thing about streaming and completely tanking it. Which corporate d bag pitched this? What’s the up side? Way to come off as a low level pusher. Only moving dimes out of your mom’s trailer. I guess if I want some actual weight I’ll have to go to Netflix. So lame.”

One more person wrote, “Weekly episodes?? I can get that free from network TV.. I’ll just wait till winter has forced me inside, then binge the rest.. Really starting to rethink my Prime membership..”

“I was so excited and all set to binge season 2. Now I’m not watching at all! Who do you think you are Prime, HBO? Not bloody likely! I know you are looking to raise some streaming ratings number about how many people watch a show over the course of time. Somehow a couple million in the first few days isn’t good enough! We’ve got LOTS to choose from in this day and age. As much as I enjoyed season 1 I can watch something else-and I’m gonna! I hope others follow me,” wrote another viewer of The Boys Season 2.

Click here to read more such backlash. The Boys Season 2 stars Karl Urban, Antony Starr, Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, Chace Crawford and others.

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