The Boys Season 2: 5 Burning Questions That We Can't Wait To Get Answers Of
The Boys Season 2: 5 Burning Questions That We Can’t Wait To Get Answers Of

The second season of Boys is all set to start streaming soon and the audience is desperately waiting for it. The Amazon Original series that had brilliantly captured the “Superbad” to a whole new level in season one, left its viewers on a jaw-dropping cliff-hanger. While the fans, wait for season 2 to premiere on September 4, here are 5 burning questions that we just cannot let go from our minds –


*Spoilers Ahead for The Boys S1*

Homelander’s child

In the epic season finale, much to Billy Butcher’s major shock, Becca (his wife) is alive and has been secretly living with her child from the devious Homelander. After spending 8 years seeking revenge, fighting for justice and believing that she had been killed or committed suicide, Butcher’s war against the Supes leads him to the truth finally. Does the news of Becca being alive bring him peace or does the narrative take a complex turn with Homelander in the picture now? Is the child an evil Supe too? If so, how would that go-down between Butcher and Becca?

Will The Deep ever return to the Seven?


From being the social media’s darling underwater Supe to a token aquatic member of The Seven to receiving a sabbatical from Vought, The Deep goes through his downfall due to his misbehaviours. Even after being exiled, he keeps his hopes high and wishes to return to the public domain. But to no-surprise, Vought, who is afraid of negative publicity and stock prices, does not require him to come back. With the viscerally disturbing scene that made even our favourite Upper East Sider Chase Crawford uncomfortable, we feel just a teeny-tiny bit bad for The Deep. Or maybe not.

What Lamplighter’s casting means for The Boys?

Last month, the makers of the show revealed that X-Men fame Shawn Ashmore will be taking up the mantle of one of the original members of The Seven – Lamplighter. Dredging up painful memories from the past, Lamplighter’s introduction in season 2 will finally give us the answer to what truly happened with The Boys founder Grace Mallory and why they broke up eight years ago. Their tragic history and how the dynamics will change after his return is sure to make an interesting turn of events.

Will Starlight join The Boys?

After Annie’s mega superhero moment in the finale and an epic fight between her and A-Train, things were left hanging with regards to what this means for her career with The Seven. Is Starlight going to continue being with the superheroes despite knowing their truth? Or are Hughie’s crimes forgivable enough to join them? Be what may, we can all agree that Starlight and Hughie’s storyline is the purest of them all and we are rooting for them.

Who is Stormfront?

While the comic version of Stormfront is a male Nazi, the recent promos suggest that the newest recruit – Stormfront played by the phenomenal actress Aya Cash, is a brash, social media savvy, disruptive and a challenging new member of The Seven. She enters the world of Supes in season 2 to destabilize Vought and its workings. Aya Cash has previously said that she is liberal with certain old-fashioned beliefs and does not believe in celebrity fanfare. Will she threaten Homelander’s leadership? We can’t wait to find out.

The second season of the Amazon Original The Boys will premiere on Amazon Prime Video with the first three episodes on Friday, September 4, and new episodes available each Friday, culminating in an epic season finale on October 9. This season, The Boys will also have an after-show titled Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys hosted by Aisha Tyler that debuted on August 28 with a look back at season one. September 4th onwards, the after-show will continue to dive into each episode of the latest season, as it rolls out through the season finale.

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