That '90s Show Season 2: All You Need To Know
That ’90s Show Season 2: All You Need To Know (Photo Credit – Youtube)

Get ready to dive into nostalgia again, as That ’90s Show is soon returning to Netflix with its second season. The series, a sequel to Fox’s That ’70s Show, follows Leia, the daughter of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti from the original show, who spends a summer with her grandparents and bonds with other teenagers in the town.

In the new season, Leia is again visiting her grandparents’ house for the summer, while the relationship dynamics between her and her friends change drastically. That ’90s Show Season 2 also marks the return of another cast member from the original series.

That ’90s Show Season 2 Release Date: Premiere in Two Parts

After a ten-episode first season, That ’90s Show Season 2 is set to feature 16 episodes. However, the season has been divided into two parts of eight episodes each. Part 1 premiered on Netflix on June 27th, 2024, and Part 2 is all set to arrive on the streaming platform on October 24th, 2024.

The official trailer for That ’90s Show Season 2 has already been unveiled by Netflix, which shows emotions running high among the group of teenagers, barring the signature comic moments. Watch the trailer here:

That ’90s Show Season 2 Plot: Leia Spends Another Summer at Her Grandparents’

The new season begins in the summer of 1996, with Leia returning to her grandparents’ house in Point Place, Wisconsin. She is still keeping the secret that she almost kissed Nate last summer, but can’t hide it for long. As the information gets out, the relationships and friendships among the group change with Jay and Nikki feeling betrayed.

Meanwhile, Leia is also taking up a new job, but has to get a complete makeover for its interview, only to realize that her boss is her father’s arch-enemy. At the same time, she will be taking driving lessons from Red and Kitty. “Leia returns to Point Place for the summer of ’96 and reunites with her pals, but the thrills and troubles of adolescence send the gang into a tailspin,” reads the official synopsis of the new season.

That ’90s Show Season 2 Cast: Seth Green Reprises His Role from the Original Series

That ’90s Show Season 2 marks the return of Seth Green as Mitch Miller, who had a recurring role in That ’70s Show. He will be playing Leia’s boss. Additionally, Don Stark, who starred as Bob Pinciotti in the original series and also appeared in a guest role in That ’90s Show season 1, has officially joined the cast in season 2.

Meanwhile, the main cast members will be reprising their roles including Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty, Kurtwood Smith as Red, Callie Haverda as Leia, Ashley Aufderheide as Gwen, Mace Coronel as Jay, Sam Morelos as Nikki, Maxwell Acee Donovan as Nate, and Reyn Doi as Ozzie. A number of stars will be appearing in guest roles in That ’90s Show Season 2 including, Will Forte, Lisa Loeb, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Kadeem Hardison, Tommy Chong, and Carmen Electra.

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