Terence Lewis shares his experience of judging 'India's Best Dancer 2'
Terence Lewis Shares His Experience Of Judging ‘India’s Best Dancer 2’ ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Renowned choreographer Terence Lewis takes a trip down memory lane as ‘India’s Best Dancer 2’ reaches it’s finale. He went candid about the season and his experience judging the show.

He says: “I have to say that this season has been fantastic. Everybody has given such amazing performances and our top 5 are just the best dancers in the country. There’s a lot of variety in the styles they do so you are going to have the biggest and the best performances in the finale. They are coming and dancing with big groups which are very well renowned. So, it’s going to be a grand finale of sorts.”



Terence is known for his dancing as well as choreography and for him Season 2 is unique as it was not at all possible to get even one contestant who was an elementary beginner, all were already well-trained dancers, who understood the art and there were a lot of prodigies this time.

“The kids, who were 14-16 years of age like Gourav and Saumya who were 16. At such a small age so much intelligence, so much maturity to understand dance and to perform like that, I think they are incredible. This is the generation, I say Gen Z, they are another next level not the Gen X, not the millennials but the Gen Z has something else in them,” Terence Lewis adds.

‘India’s Best Dancer 2’ is going to witness the ‘The Ultimate Finale’ in which five finalists will be competing for winning the show, they are called the ‘Best 5’ contestants – Roza Rana, Rakhtim Thakuria, Zamroodh MD, Gourav Swarna, and Saumya Kamble.

Terence being a technique specialist appreciates all of them for their different and out of the box dancing techniques. He shares what he likes in their dance moves.

He elucidates: “I love Raktim’s ballads, his quick movements of his feet and just how he moves so lightly and quickly; his threading sequence that he does is so unique and so different. With Roza, I loved her pole dancing sequence and her trio act – that was superb, mind-blowing. With Saumya I think Saumya and Gourav when they came together, they were fabulous.”

He further continues referring to each of them: “The other one that I also want to talk about when it comes to Gourav was his performance on ‘Aayat’. For me, it is the best performance of the season! Zamrood has just outdone himself on every song, he’s just in a mood.”

At the end, Terence concludes on his expectation from the finalists: “Well, what can we expect from the best? The best! So here are the best dancers of the country and we are celebrating their journey, celebrating their life and really this is going to be inspiring for the next generation so, all my love,” he wraps up.

‘India’s Best Dancer 2’, judged by Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapur, airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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