'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 4 to go where human imagination hasn't been before
All About Star Trek: Discovery Season 4! ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Taking off from the point where a Black woman sits on the captain’s chair for the first time, Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery is set nearly 1,000 years further into the future than any other Trek series. Season 4 will premiere on November 18 on Paramount Plus in the U.S. and on Netflix in 190 more countries.

It will see the crew of the spaceship Discovery contending with a massive anomaly that is five light-years in size, threatening to destroy life throughout the galaxy. The event is so catastrophic that it pulls together worlds that are in the Federation and outside of it.



Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 will also continue to feature Adira and Gray, the first regular characters on a ‘Trek’ project who are, respectively, non-binary and transgender. Gray spent the bulk of Season 3 as a non-corporeal being perceptible only to Adira.

In Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery, the character will have a corporeal body.

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