Squid Game Broke Multiple Records But Pakistanis Aren’t Happy
Pakistanis Call Out Squid Game Makers For Hiring Indian Actor To Play A Muslim Character ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

South Korean Netflix series Squid Game has taken the world by storm, as the viral show has dethroned Bridgerton to become the most-watched show in the world. Even Money Heist couldn’t touch this feat in 5 years that this show has gained in just a month. Although, majority of the people are praising the show, on the other hand, Pakistanis are displeased with Player 199 aka Ali Abdul, played by Indian origin actor Anupam Tripathi.

For the unversed, the survival game series was written almost 10 years ago but it was rejected by almost every production after they thought this kind of idea won’t work. A few years ago, the streaming giant accepted the idea and decided to produce a unique show.

Squid Game actor Anupam Tripathi, who plays the role of Ali Abdul, player 199, he’s shown as a Pakistani migrant worker in South Korea, the actor won many hearts for being a gentle and loyal game player, however, Pakistanis aren’t happy with his representation as they claim he’s not from their country, nor he’s Muslim.

A user wrote, “The Pakistani charecter ‘Ali’ in squid game is played by an indian actor who isn’t even muslim,” while another wrote, “Why Pakistani characters are being played by Indian actors? why can’t these productions cast original Pakistani actors?,” another complained, “Just Finished Netflix series Squid Games season 1, A good show but It’s so frustrating to see Pakistani characters in big TV series being played by Indian actors. Why can’t these productions cast original Pakistani actors for such roles?.”

Talking about Squid Game makers hiring an Indian actor to play a Pakistani character, Ali Gul Pir, a comedian based in Pakistan, is quoted as saying, “Our country and our industry is so small as compared to India so it makes sense to choose an Indian actor to play the role as besides physical appearance, he also speaks fluent Korean which was of course one of the prime requirements for casting. He did complete justice to the character.”

Apart from Anupam Tripathi, the Netflix show features Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-soo, Jung Ho-Yeon, O Yeong-Su, Anupam Tripathi, Gong Yoo Wi Ha-Joon among others.

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