Space Cadet Ending Explained: Did Tiffany "Rex" Simpson Become An Astronaut?
Space Cadet Ending Explained: Did Tiffany “Rex” Simpson Become An Astronaut? ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Space Cadet, directed by Liz W. Garcia and starring Emma Roberts, tells the story of Tiffany “Rex” Simpson. From a young age, Rex loved science and dreamed of going to space, inspired by moments with her mother watching shuttle launches. However, life took her on a different path, and she became a bartender instead of an astronaut.

She reunites with Toddrick Spencer, the owner of a space tourism company, at a school reunion. Rex’s long-held goal of reaching the stars is finally pursued after his words reawaken her dormant dream.

A science enthusiast and recent high school graduate, Rex applied to NASA’s training program even though she didn’t meet all the requirements. She expressed her enthusiasm and expertise in a letter that she wrote. Rex convinced NASA of her suitability with Nadine’s assistance, embellishing her credentials, and was approved. Despite her ignorance of Nadine’s actions to assist her, she was ecstatic to hear the news.

Rex’s Journey to Space

Rex, despite not coming from an Ivy League background, demonstrated her intelligence during the training program. It took her a while to grasp the lessons, but she persevered and eventually mastered every topic covered.

Violet Marie Vislawski, her roommate and a physicist lacking confidence, proved to be an ally. Vislawski discovered Rex’s secret, but they agreed to help each other, with Rex assisting with physical training in exchange for understanding complex theories.

Despite being more qualified than Rex, Vislawski was unable to advance to the final round due to Rex’s embellished resume. She promised to keep Rex’s secret but warned her about the dangers of deception. Rex was aware of the risks but was determined not to pass up the opportunity to pursue her dream.

Rex returned to Florida, happy to have partially lived her dream and proud of her teammates who qualified for space exploration. She watched the shuttle launch from afar and influenced Miriam to shout “hardcore” during the launch. However, debris damaged the space station’s airlock, trapping the astronauts. A rescue operation had to be completed within 72 hours, and Rex was determined to find a solution.

Pam and Logan were surprised to see Rex at NASA and hesitant to hear her proposal. Given five minutes, Rex explained her plan to rescue the astronauts and volunteered herself. Despite Logan’s doubts, Pam showed interest due to the urgency. Rex convinced Toddrick Spencer to join, and they agreed to let her go. Rex was joined by Violet Marie Vislawski on the rescue mission.

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