Sorry Bhaisaab: Here Are 5 Reasons To Watch This Sharib Hashmi & Gauahar Khan Starrer Short Film This Weekend
Sorry Bhaisaab: Here Are 5 Reasons To Watch This Sharib Hashmi & Gauahar Khan Starrer Short Film This Weekend, Read On! ( Photo Credit – Sorry Bhaisaab Poster )

Upset? Feeling low? Tired of running your daily chores or office work? Here is your chance to break free from the mundane and watch the heartwarming and hilarious Sorry Bhaisaab and feel rejuvenated. The short film, streaming free on Amazon miniTV, Amazon shopping app, is a slice of life story that acts as a breath of fresh air amid all the hustle and bustle. With its relatable storyline and humorous take on middle-class life, Sorry Bhaisaab emerges as a must-watch family drama for all age groups. Here are a few reasons you should not miss out on this short film that features popular actors Gauahar Khan and Sharib Hashmi in lead roles.

Relatable storySorry Bhaisaab is a fun take on the life and struggles of a middle-class family. The film revolves around a couple Mr. and Mrs. Gupta and showcases the drama that we see in a regular middle-class family like the husband-wife cute banter, them going for morning walks together, kitty parties, flaunting their riches in front of their neighbours, and so on. All these aspects make this short film feel like we are watching something that we know and therefore quite fun to watch.



High on humour – As a situational comedy, the film pokes fun at middle-class aspirations, and what happens when things take the wrong turn. The impeccable comic timing of Sharib Hashmi and Gauahar Khan and twists in the story makes it a perfect watch for loud laughs. After all, a good laugh always brightens us up.

Gauahar Khan and Sharib Hashmi’s Chemistry – The duo is no doubt a delight to watch as Mrs. and Mr. Gupta in the short film. They are convincing and compliment each other really as a typical middle-class couple. Sharib and Gauahar are here to win everyone’s heart with their on-screen rendezvous and amazing performances.

Family entertainer – Sorry Bhaisaab is a heartwarming story of a middle-class family that everyone can relate to and definitely watch with their loved ones over popcorn and coffee. With heartfelt performances and humorous scenes, this short film is a full-on family drama.

Intelligent writing and direction – Writers and directors Suman Adhikary and Sumit Ghildiyal have presented this short and sweet story with utmost conviction. Narrating an entertaining story in a crisp manner with a major twist, in the end, is not an easy task. Film’s convincing screenplay and narrative is proof of what intelligent writing and direction look like. Watch for yourself to find out.

‘Sorry Bhaisaab’ is streaming now on Amazon miniTV on Amazon Shopping App for free. Haso aur hasate raho!

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