Sidharth Sagar Is Once Again On Heavy Drugs
Heavy Drugs Pave The Way Back Into Siddharth Sagar’s Life As He Is Sent To Rehab. ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Comedy Circus Comedian Sidharth Sagar is once again in a bad state after winning the war against drugs. The comedian had stunned everyone in 2018 after speculation of him going missing started spreading like a wildfire in media.

After struggling his way through drug abuse the 29-year-old comedian had survived the battle and started performing comedy shows. With his dedication, he gained a lot of fan following through his performance at a comedy circus that’s being judged by Farah Khan. As per the latest reports, the comedian went missing from the shoot, and was found in a bad condition by a night cop, and was admitted to rehab, and currently, he is undergoing treatment there.



After the ETimes TV reports came in, Sidharth Sagar’s condition on what happened at the time was delivered to portal by a source close to him. The source stated that when he was found by the cops, his mother was informed immediately and they decided to send him to rehab. Sidharth’s family was always around him as they are very uptight about him getting into drugs again. It was reported that during his time in Comedy Show Sidharth was in a hard phase of his life fighting the issue. At present He is not part of the Comedy Show present as Jamie Lever has replaced him.

When inquired with his mother about him getting into drugs again she said, “I was with Sidharth all this while and had recently come to Delhi because my 12-year-old pet was very unwell and I had to rush back home. After I came here I learned about Sidharth and I was devastated to know and it was a big setback for me. But as I am out of Mumbai I have no clarity on what exactly happened to him. I have got him admitted to rehab but I haven’t got a chance to know what exactly went wrong. I am traveling to Mumbai today and will be meeting him, only after that I will have clarity. I had got a call from the police station that Sidharth Sagar was found in a bad state and he only remembered my name and number and they called me up.”

“They asked me to take him from there. The tragic part is whenever he has got into such a situation none of his friends, well wishes or anyone has come forward to help him. It has always been his parents but he has never understood to value his family. I am a mother and I want him to get out of the situation. I have always been around him and never let him be alone, but unfortunately, I had to travel to Delhi for my pet who was unwell and later passed away. We came here and we got a call about Sidharth. I am yet to figure out what exactly went wrong.” She also added that “Not many are aware that he was undergoing treatment for bipolar and he used to have hallucinations. I tried to balance his life and got him here. I had always told him that the more popular you get, the more enemies you will make in the industry. I had always taught him to lead a balanced life and not to run behind money. For me, peace is the most important thing and I had told him that. We can feed you your entire life but don’t want to see you again in a bad state. I will fight for my son till my last breath and not let anyone come in between. If it would not have been urgent I would have never traveled to Delhi. I am not sure if it is because of drugs or because he had stopped his treatment for bipolar. That I will only get to know him when I speak to him when I come back to Mumbai.”

Talking about his treatment for bipolar Alka Sagar revealed that, “We had started his medication for bipolar but he abruptly quit in between. He stops taking the medicine. I feel something somewhere is not right because all these things are happening again and again. He was doing so well in his career. The last time people duped him so badly, they had not even left clothes on his body. He had stopped the treatment for bipolar. He needs to be cured at this moment.” Along with requesting the government to cease the sales of drugs Alka also said, “I just want to request the Government to ban drugs completely. Doing raids at various places and arresting a few drug peddlers will not help anyone. The available drug substance should be banned completely. I am a mother and it breaks my heart. We make movies on drug menace but we are not banning. I am just relieved that nothing like Sushant Singh Rajput happened to him. It was Sidharth’s willpower that he got out of drugs last time. Two years he stayed with me and then he started working.”

Sidharth Sagar in the past which is around 4 years back had accused his mother, Alka Sagar of snatching money from his bank account without his permission and keeping him in an asylum against his will. Although with an interview with The Bombay Times in 2020, Sidharth mentioned his mother as he thanked her for her support during the difficult times. And this his relation with his parents was once again back to normal.

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