Shweta Tripathi EXCLUSIVE On Budgets For Independent Movies Like Cargo & Working With Mirzapur Co-Star Vikrant Massey!
Shweta Tripathi EXCLUSIVE On Budgets For Independent Movies Like Cargo & Working With Mirzapur Co-Star Vikrant Massey! (Photo Credit – Instagram / Shweta Tripathi / Vikrant Massey )

Shweta Tripathi had quite a good releases so far, latest one being Cargo. Directed by Arati Kadav, it’s a type of movie that’s never been made before in Indian cinema. Also starring Vikrant Massey, the Netflix movie is a combination of science-fiction with mythology.

Cargo released last week and received to mixed reaction from critics. However, the critics as well as the audience hailed the unique concept. What’s fascinating is the story is not help on Earth, but in outer space. Koimoi spoke to Shweta and we asked her about being a part of such a distinct movie, if she had any doubts on saying yes and much more.



Shweta Tripathi and Vikrant Massey starrer was first screened at MAMI last year. Now that it’s out on Netflix, people are enjoying it. About the warm response it received, the actress said, “If people understand even 5 percent of what we are trying to say, as filmmakers and actors it feels good. The stories we want to tell are very close to us. It takes a lot of efforts, especially when it comes to making independent films.”

Shweta Tripathi added, “The money we need to make these films is not to spent on other things; we don’t need it for bigger vanity vans. Yes, a bigger vanity van definitely makes things comfortable. But we need more budget for the art department or sound department. It is very important especially for a science fiction film. All the props and costumes used in the movie are not easily available, especially when the story is set outside the Earth. To make a movie like that takes a lot of passion and struggle. So when people relate to it and understand it, it’s quite a satisfying feeling.”

Science-fiction or fantasy genre is quite new when it comes to Bollywood movies. A lot of times, such concepts are made fun of for not making it up to the mark like Hollywood. But Cargo managed to present a good story. When asked if she was apprehensive while saying yes to the movie, Shweta Tripathi shared, “Never. We grow by taking risks and someone has to take that first step. If I have to be the first person to take that step, I’m happy to do it. You have to push your boundaries not only in terms of performances. I want to work in different genres and movies in different languages. The more I work with people who have knowledge about so many things, the more I get to learn; more I get to explore. So I never had any doubts.”

She added, “When I met Arati, I found the story very fascinating. I think I am lucky that she chose me to be a part of her first feature film.”

Cargo is Shweta Tripathi and Vikrant Massey’s second project together after Mirzapur. It was the actress who told the actor about the movie after her experience of working with him in the Amazon Prime show. About the same, she told Koimoi, “Vikrant is one of the most fabulous actors we have. He’s so focused. He has a good energy that he brings on sets. I believe that when you work with people who are very passionate about storytelling and their craft, even your best will come out.”

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