ShivSena leader Sushma Andhare backs Uorfi Javed after BJP member Chitra Wagh unnecessarily targets her, says, "If you object to Uorfi's outfits, can you object to Kangana Ranaut and other actresses outfit Or will you bash them?"
Shiv Sena Leader Sushma Andhare Slams Chitra Wagh Over Threatening To Beat Uorfi Javed (Credits: Instagram)

The Controversy between Uorfi Javed and Chitra Wagh is only getting intensified. Today, the politician warned that if the actress did not stop, she would be beaten wherever she saw her. The Mahila Aghadi of the BJP had also protested against the Splitsvilla X4 diva. After seeing such incidents Shiv Sena deputy leader Sushma Andhare has clarified her take on the controversy.

Sushma slammed Chitra Wagh, as the former has raised questions for the BJP leader through a Facebook post, She wrote a long post backing Uorfi and bashing Chitra Wagh’s double standards, “I wear a saree. I like to wear saree. Because I find myself more comfortable and confident in that. Even after going out of India, I wear a saree or sometimes a salwar suit. But I don’t think that others should dress like me. Because people wear clothes according to their comfort. Or everyone has their own professional needs. For example, a woman playing tennis will not be able to play tennis wearing a saree. And if I am a teacher, I should dress appropriately for my teaching profession…”

Sushma Andhare adds, “Let’s talk about this issue later on whether it is right or wrong, but if the issue of dress is used to kill someone, why should it be done on the basis of caste, religion or ideology?

Sushma Andhare questioned Chitra Wagh,”Who gave you the right to beat a woman from a minority community like Uorfi Javed?”

She continues, “And if you object to Uorfi Javed’s outfit, can you object to Kangana Ranaut, Ketki Chitale or Amrita Fadnavis? Or will you bash them (ie Ketaki Chitale, Kangana Ranawat or Amrita Fadnavis)?

Nudity is more in thought and language than in clothing. How much you will go astray leaving the questions related to the daily life of the people to stay in the limelight.

Sushma Andhare also shared Kangana Ranaut’s, Ketaki Chitale’s, and Amrita Fadnavis’ pictures in bold attire. This backing will surely help Uorfi to cope with this situation strongly as recently she shared about getting suicidal thoughts.

Currently, there are no signs of this controversy ending anytime soon as it’s getting nastier with each passing day.

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