Sayani Gupta & Bani J Opens Up On The Idea Of Their Happily Ever After With Bumble's New Dating Series
Sayani Gupta & Bani J Opens Up On The Idea Of Their Happily Ever After With Bumble’s New Dating Series, Read On (Photo Credit: Instagram & Wikipedia)

Bumble India partners with actors Bani J and Sayani Gupta as they share their views on love, romance, and its portrayal in Bollywood.


Bumble, the women-first dating and social networking app, has partnered with the popular actor, model, and former MTV India presenter, Bani J along with popular actor Sayani Gupta to discuss pop culture’s influence on romance, the expectation of love and ‘happily ever after’. In Bumble’s exciting content series, they speak about all things love, Bollywood romance and more.


Bani J strongly feels that the love stories depicted in movies are incomplete and in reality, love stories might be even better and wholesome. When asked about her idea of happily-ever-after, Bani J says, “The way I’m living my life right now is my happily ever after. I have people that I care about and who care about me, and we can express that love and appreciation for each other. I can travel, spend time with people that I really want to, create projects that I care about and be a part of projects that really fulfil me creatively, which I think is the best thing in the world. I also get to train whenever I want.”

Bani keeps it real even when looking for love online. When asked about what her Bumble bio would read, she says, “If you’re reading then that’s a good sign. Because at least you’re not looking at the pictures, you’re actually reading this.”

Sayani Gupta believes that one could meet multiple people in a lifetime who seem right, “especially in today’s day and age, depending on where you are in your life.” Talking about her idea of ‘happily ever after’, Sayani said, “I’m quite the romantic and I would love to believe that there’s someone I could live happily ever after with. It’s not like I’m waiting for the one but maybe someday I’ll find someone. My idea of ‘happily ever after’ is that it has to be a partnership, and that doesn’t come without quarrels or differences or disagreements. Rather, you figure things out and there’s enough love and humour in the relationship to take it forward.”

Excited about her association with Bumble, Bani mentions, “I absolutely love what Bumble does. I love the fact that it’s all about women encouraging women to make the first move as we see fit according to our timeline, as opposed to somebody else’s timeline.” Sayani shares, “When last time they (Bumble) were doing the series and my friends went on it, I was like, “Oh this would be really cool, why am I not on it?’ This year when they called me, I was very excited.”

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