Sacred Games: When Jatin Sarna Was Shocked Watching Himself Nude
Sacred Games Fame Jatin Sarna Nude Story ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

In a true sense, Sacred Games paved the way for success for India in the OTT world. It was the first breakthrough success in the web series world. Just like its content, SC has many interesting backstage stories too that will keep you hooked and even make you laugh. In today’s piece, we’ll be talking about one such incident of Jatin Sarna.

For those who don’t know, Jatin Sarna played the character of Bunty (Deepak Shinde). He became a household name with his ‘Bambaiyaa’ dialogues, but it was his nude scene that raised everyone’s eyebrows. To deliver such a nude scene was something really bold in India. To say the least, the actor was extremely nervous and tensed.

During a special Sacred Games reaction video, Jatin Sarna shared his experience of shooting a nude scene with Tanmay Bhatt. He said, “On that day (shooting day), I was very nervous. I went to Anurag sir and asked him if something could be done…” Anurag Kashyap responded saying, “Tu paagal hai kya (are you mad)?” Anurag further added that they won’t make him naked but the scene will be shot in underwear.

Till being nude was okay with Sarna, but the main twist came when he saw that a p*nis was planted on him during a scene. After watching the scene and CGI work, the actor was in complete shock. “I saw myself nude, and I was like ‘what is this!?’ They had also planted a penis, and I was like ‘what is this, I wasn’t even naked!’,” he shared with Bhatt.

When asked about the p*nis in the scene, Jatin Sarna was told that while performing the scene his legs parted and smoothening would have made it weird. The actor tried to convince of removing the scene but was enlightened about the clause of the contract that had ‘appearing nude’.

Taking a lesson out of it, the actor shared, “This is a mistake that actors make, they only look at remuneration and number of shoot days, they don’t read the fine print. So this is my personal request to all the actors, please read the documents carefully!”

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