Rakhi Sawant In 2011 Said She Found Baba Ramdev Hot & S*xy
Rakhi Sawant’s Love Interest Had Taken A U-Turn From Rahul Gandhi To Baba Ramdev Then(Pic Credit : Facebook/Rakhi Sawant, Swami Ramdev)

It is now a proven fact that no force on Earth can possibly stop Rakhi Sawant from making bizarre statements. If you are unaware of all the drama that she has been creating on the mainstream for more than a decade now, you have to tune into it. But before you go to the rest of it, you should first know that she once said she finds Baba Ramdev ‘hot’, and if that wasn’t enough, she also expressed her plans to marry him.

You don’t even have to read that twice. By now you know Rakhi Sawant is completely capable of making such statements and without any hesitation. The Bigg Boss fame back in 2011 was still in the headlines for her controversies and the way she handled them. Amid all of that, she has said she would marry Congress leader Rahul Gandhi but decided to change her stand in a completely new direction suddenly. Entered into the dynamic, Baba Ramdev.

As per a report in TOI, Rakhi Sawant, in an event, was asked by the media about her plans to marry Rahul Gandhi. Replying to it, she said, “Mujhe nahin lagta Soniaji ke saath meri daal galegi. So I wouldn’t mind marrying Swami Ramdev. He has loads of money and drives expensive cars. If this wedding happens, you all will get to see a glamorous sadhvi. Wouldn’t that be interesting?”

She clearly didn’t stop there. Rakhi refused to address Ramdev as Baba but instead chose to call him Swami. Confused why? Rakhi Sawant said, “Baba toh aap logon ke liye hain. Mere liye toh woh Swami hi hain. I hope he doesn’t call me ‘behen’. If Imagine TV plans to do another “Swayamvar” for me, they’ll have to get Swami Ramdev on the show. In fact, I’ll try my best to get him on it.”

When asked why Ramdev, Rakhi explained, “I find him hot. He is sexy. Haven’t you ever seen his flat tummy? Bas ek baar shaadi ki mala unpe daal doon, unki aankh fadakna bhi band ho jayegi. And I can vouch for the fact that the yoga DVD which we will release will be far more sensuous and hot than Shilpa’s. It will find several takers.”

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