Rakhi Sawant Talks About Plastic Surgeries & Implants
Rakhi Sawant Opens Up On Plastic Surgeries & Implants (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Rakhi Sawant is one hell of an entertainer and sure know how to grab headlines. She is also known for being brutally honest whenever any question was asked to her. Now the actress has opened up about her plastic surgeries and implants, Scroll down to know more.

Like many actresses and models, she went under the knife years ago when she was finding her feet in the industry. However, unlike many actresses, Sawant came out and agreed underfong plastic surgery. Soon her looks became the talk of the town and trolled her calling her ‘plastic’.

Now talking to Bollywood Bubble, Rakhi Sawant said in Hindi, “I was punished for telling the truth. I told the truth and people started calling me plastic. I am not plastic. You didn’t know my problems back then. I was a kid. I had run away from home. If I didn’t take life into my own hands, my parents would have got me married off. At that young age, I took the decision to put something in my body.”

When people began calling her plastic, Sawant said she is not plastic and will never repeat the same in the future. She further said, “I have gone through that pain. People have kidney implants, lung implants. At that time I also did an implant, I don’t even want to repeat it. All just to look glamorous, to look different, to get work. People don’t understand, to become Miss Universe or Miss World, girls do lots of plastic surgery, but why do people only blame me? Nowadays, housewives, and the whole world, they do plastic surgeries to impress their husbands. Celebrities do it to look good. Why am I the only one to be called ‘plastic’?”

Rakhi Sawant’s looks became a topic of discussion during her stint in Bigg Boss 14. Jasmin Bhasin made fun of her facial surgery.

Previously, the actress had said to the publication that she wasn’t even allowed to attend her own father’s funeral. She said, “In our family, it was like Balika Vadhu. Running away from home and joining the film industry was my only option. Today, my father will be proud of me… Thank God I took this decision because I have become what I am today. My family doesn’t accept me, till today. They don’t talk to my mom. My uncle, my entire family. They think that because I ran away, their daughters will also run away.”

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