From Alexis & David to Ayesha & Kabir, this edit celebrates the unbreakable bond of the most iconic on-screen siblings on Netflix

There’s nothing quite like a sibling bond – they may be the ones who irritate the life out of you but they are also your go-to for any advice (or when you need someone to cover in front of your parents!). Despite their adorable quarrels, they always support, protect, and stand by you. This Raksha Bandhan, start a binge-fest with your brother / sister! Here’s listing some movies you can watch on Netflix for max relatability!

Anshuman & Gunjan – Gunjan Saxena

A brother in a uniform and a sister who dreams to be like him, even though Anshuman & Gunjan have their differences in opinions, at the end of the day Anshuman wants what is best for his sister and that’s what all brothers do. They always come around. Available on Netflix.

Berlin & Professor – Money Heist
We weren’t aware they were brothers but it all  in Netflix’s Money Heist makes sense now that we know it. Berlin always went off the rails and was a loose cannon but he respected The Professor’s vision. Just like your brother would be your go-to for anything you plan on doing, their time spent planning missions was a breath of fresh air and helped them better their relationship.

Sarthar & Sahira – Paava Kadhaigal (Thangam)
Irrespective of whatever you might call your sibling, you won’t let the world treat them any less than they deserve. You protect each other, stand by each other and do not think twice in making a sacrifice. Even if it is about love. Sarthar & Sahira did nothing less for each other and stood by each other’s sides every step of the way!

Paxton & Rebecca – Never have I ever
Whether it’s a younger brother or an older one, brothers are always protective of you. Rebecca is also both brutally and bluntly honest with him in other areas where he is in the wrong. This balance is what keeps them sane and holds their relationship together, no matter what. Available on Netflix.

Mike and Nancy – Stranger Things
From fighting the Demogorgons and Mind Flayers together to being each other’s confidants, this brother-sister duo has been through it all! Stranger Things never comes without tragedies, but there’s something uplifting about watching Mike and Nancy reestablish their relationship and show how much they care about each other.

Alexis & David – Schitt’s Creek
One of the most iconic lines from Schitt’s Creek – ‘Ew,’ David,’ is the most accurate representation of what we all feel about our brothers (eyerolls). Through all the bickering and biting comments, David still loves his sister and Alexis loves him in return, despite the occasional bad days! But hey, we all have them that does not stop us from loving (read annoying) our siblings. Also available on Netflix.

Ayesha & Kabir – Dil Dhadakne Do
Ayesha and Kabir, who grew up in a wealthy New Delhi neighbourhood, would not be able to endure the never ending family drama without each other. The motto was to keep it real, avoid the over the top behaviour and understand each other. Kabir and Ayesha became one of the most adorable on-screen siblings, and were relatable on so many levels

Amit & Aditi – Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
“Tujhe mera koi dost yaad hai? Kyunki mere hamesha ek hi dost thi, main dur nahi chala gaya Aditi, aur log tere zada kareeb aa gaye!” The film beautifully captures Aditi’s bittersweet relationship with her brother Amit, who were diametrically opposed but could not do without each other. With time you may get involved in your own lives and may not have the time to indulge in unnecessary banter with your sibling but occasionally checking on them wouldn’t hurt right? Watch it on Netflix.

Monica & Ross – FRIENDS
When “It hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year”, you’ll always have your sibling at your beck and call! Their relationship is best defined as a mix of affection and sibling jealousy, as well as a desire to irritate each other endlessly. Always having each other’s backs, Monica & Ross have been giving us some serious brother-sister goals for the past 25 years.

Plan a binge watching session and revisit all the iconic brother-sister moments!

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