Riddhi Dogra and Sikandar Kher are the new additions to this season. How was the experience working with them?

Sikandar off camera is probably the funniest guy I have worked with. He is a very chilled-out guy. I have always been a fan of Sikandar and I’ve met him at auditions. He was always a known guy since the summer of 2007. He did a film Tere Bin Laden 2 and I think he was hilarious in that movie. There are very less actors whose comic timing is that cool. So, if you watch Tere Bin Laden 2, Sikandar is hilarious, his role is very different, and I became a fan. While working I realized his approach towards acting was quite similar to mine, he is very passionate about acting and believes in a lot of preparation because if preparations are on point, then you can be spontaneous. If you are not happy with yourself, then you won’t like it and that’s what I have realized about him also and it’s common with me too. And coincidently Ridhi is also like this, she doesn’t take herself very seriously and is a very hard-working actor. She was like a student on the set, and I am exactly like that. And I have heard this quote, “the day you start believing that you are a good actor you seize to be one.” Ridhi also has a very similar approach, and she is also very passionate, and the selection was very cool. I enjoyed working with them, and off camera, they are very simple and grounded people.


Did the thought of starting your own start-up ever cross your mind? If yes, what was the start-up idea?


I have always wanted to be a filmmaker. In fact, when I came to Bombay, I wrote a script, and Amit Golani, the director of Pitchers season one, was the first guy who read my script at that time, I used to assist Dibakar Banerjee. I assisted on four films, one of them was Tigers. For me, a start-up would be becoming a director. I am still very enthusiastic about stories because I like watching movies and probably, and I would have a start-up of that. In the future, I would like to be a director or have a production house. I don’t think I can sell any idea so I’ll be a producer at some point.

Tell us one thing about Riddhi Dogra and Sikandar Kher that the audiences may not know

Once I chilled out at Sikandar’s house and I can say that he is the funniest person you can ever hang out with. I guess I laughed a lot after a very long time. He’ll keep you very entertained. He is a very kind soul with a sensitive heart. Ridhi is very passionate about acting. She is a very simple and down-to-earth person and I feel she is also funny but what I have discovered during a promotion is she is an amazing human being. Mostly off-camera we have not hung out much.

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