Nickelodeon's 'PAW Patrol' Is On Netizens' Radar Amid The On-Going Black Lives Matter Movement!
Nickelodeon’s ‘PAW Patrol’ Is On Netizens’ Radar Amid The On-Going Black Lives Matter Movement!

The killing of George Floyd has created a rage across the globe. Celebs and commoners in the US have joined the Black Lives Matter movement to raise their voice against racism. Several actors and shows have been criticised for promoting racist culture and now, even the cartoon show, PAW Patrol, is been targeted by netizens.

PAW Patrol has been targetted as it is being said to promote the police only in positive light. As we all know, the death of George Floyd has infuriated people over the cops, so such shows are also now receiving flak. Some people have even demanded to ban the show.

PAW Patrol’s official handle posted a tweet a few days ago, which triggered reactions. The tweet read, “In solidarity of #amplifymelanatedvoices we will be muting our content until June 7th to give access for Black voices to be heard so we can continue to listen and further our learning. #amplifyblackvoices.”

The post saw mixed reactions coming in and some even dragged it into a racism debate over Chase’s character (German shepherd who is a cop). One user wrote, “I hope the cop dog falls into a toaster.” Another wrote supported the show and wrote, “Well I don’t see problem why he can’t be a police dog, the police is not evil they do duty to protect the community from criminals like thief’s, murders and keep the peace. Obviously there always going to be bad apples but they shouldn’t represent all the police force.”


Following this, writer Amanda Hess wrote a piece in The New York Times. She titled the article as ‘The Protests Come for ‘Paw Patrol”. She mentioned about the growing instability over the racism and anger on police. She also wrote how even the cartoon shows are not being sparred by the people.

Hess wrote, “It was only a matter of time before the protests came for Paw Patrol. Paw Patrol is a children’s cartoon about a squad of canine helpers. It is basically a pretense for placing household pets in a variety of cool trucks. The team includes Marshall, a firefighting Dalmatian; Rubble, a bulldog construction worker; and Chase, a German shepherd who is also a cop. In the world of “Paw Patrol,” Chase is drawn to be a very good boy who barks stuff like “Chase is on the case!” and “All in a police pup’s day!” as he rescues kittens in his tricked-out S.U.V.” This particular Hess’ article once again has brought PAW Patrol into the discussion.

Reacting to the article, ex-CNN producer, Steve Krakauer wrote, “Chase is on the case in ‘Paw Patrol’, but as protests against racist police violence reach their third week, criticism of fictional cops is growing, too. I’m sorry, I refuse to believe this is the New York Times, and not The Onion.”

Here how others reacted:

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