Neha Pendse, Amruta Khanvilkar, Priya Bapat feature in Father's Day anthem 'Baba' in film 'June'
Neha Pendse, Amruta Khanvilkar, Priya Bapat feature in Father’s Day anthem ‘Baba’ in film ‘June’ ( Photo Credit – IANS )

“Baba” is the only word in Marathi that offers unconditional love, affection, support, and unparalleled faith. The lyrics of “June” films most sentimental single “Baba” breathe life into the song. The delicate and unhindered nature of the relationship between a father and a daughter will be expressed by leading faces of the Marathi film fraternity. The makers of “June” are launching an adaptation of the popular track “Baba” with a female voice. This is an Anthem Version dedicated for all fathers this Fathers Day.

The music of “Baba” is given by Shalmali Kholgade, the singer Anandi Joshi brings the lyrics by Nikhil Mahajan alive. The actresses Priya Bapat, Neha Pendse, Amruta Khanvilkar, Girija Oak Godbole, Gauri Nalawade, Mrinmayee Godbole, Resham Shrivardhan, Parna Pethe, Shalmali Kholgade, Anandi Joshi and Sanskruti Balgude are the faces of this song.

The song will have a grand release facilitated by Planet Marathi OTT on June 18 for International Father’s Day, which is celebrated on June 20, 2021.

The director of the film and lyricist of the song, Nikhil Mahajan, thinks this song is pivotal to the sentiment of “June”. He comments: “‘Baba’ is a song about fathers and their special place in our lives. On Father’s Day, the team of “June” thought that we should pay a tribute to these amazing men in our lives, and what better to celebrate it with a few of the most talented and beautiful actresses from our industry. I thank all my friends who agreed to feature in this video despite their busy schedules for their love for Team June.”

The lead actress from the film “June”, Neha Pendse, sharing her memories, said: “Whatever principles, integrity, persistence and other qualities that are required to thrive in the real world is what I get from my father. These are the qualities that are more from the north and I am proud of them. I never heard my father telling me these things and my father is a man of very few words. I have seen my father doing this and that’s how he has thrived in this world and the reason he became my role model. I have always seen him doing ethical, moral, integrity, and these are big words that I am using, but these are the exact things I have seen my father doing. I am close to my mother but I am my father, the song ‘Baba’ and the lyrics that state ‘you are the core of me and you are in me and I am in you’ actually holds in my case. That’s the best way I can put this.”

Every daughter loves, admires, and even idolizes her father. Amruta Khanvilkar opened up about why “Baba” is a perfect symphony to express this feeling: “The song is amazing and for sure will touch millions of hearts. It’s a song everyone will relate to. Also, to mention this was an opportunity for me to be in a song that is dedicated to all the fathers since it’s the first one that I am a part of. The song is very special since we celebrate Mother’s Day and Women’s Day but not Father’s Day, so this is going to be a surprise for my father as well. I haven’t yet told him about this and I am really excited about this and looking forward to seeing the video.”

Shalmali Kholgade has made her debut in music direction with “June”. This album is close to her heart but revealing why “Baba” is one of her specials she says: “We often don’t give as much importance to fathers as we ought to. I am proud to have had a solo female track in the album of ‘June’, rendered beautifully by Anandi Joshi, titled ‘Baba’. I am filled with gratitude each time I hear the song, and I hope that the audience will feel the same. I am also hopeful that it’ll allow the audience to connect with the film more deeply.”

The film “June” will be released in June itself on the day Planet Marathi OTT launches the digital platform. The release of “June” is also a monumental step in redefining the Marathi movie-watching experience as it is the first-ever Marathi cinema to be launched as a TVOD. Marathi movie fans who wouldn’t want to buy the whole subscription but still want to see the film, can simply buy a ticket and watch the movie on Planet Marathi Digital Theatre!

Planet Marathi is promising a new wave of digital entertainment for the Marathi audience with its exciting offerings. Vistas Media Capital, a Singapore-based company that is the support behind the unique initiative of Planet Marathi, provides all the wind beneath the OTT’s wing enabling this great flight.

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