'Special Ops' has been a turning point for me: Muzamil Ibrahim
Muzamil Ibrahim: ‘Special Ops’ Has Been A Turning Point For Me (Photo Credit: Instagram/Poster From Special Ops)

Actor Muzamil Ibrahim says ‘Special Ops‘ is a turning point in his career as he shares his interest in acting since childhood.

He also opened up about OTT as a platform for nurturing talents.



“I have been working as an actor since I was a child. My mom’s uncle was a regional published playwright and poet, and he would make us work in his plays. I remember performing for 10 hours daily sometimes, going from one school to another during my childhood days. Even today I rehearse and work on my craft sometimes for 8-10 hours a day,” he says.

Muzamil feels the web has been a breath of fresh air for the industry and talent, who have finally started to get their due. But he feels things are going in the wrong direction at the moment.

“What Nawazuddin said about OTT isn’t quite wrong. Slashing prices of subscriptions won’t entice people to come watch shows if people responsible aren’t honest to the medium that this platform was supposed to cater to. It was for new-age filmmakers and actors, not the filmmakers and actors who have been written off by the public. I haven’t met a new filmmaker whose series was made purely on the basis of emailing his submission to a platform yet. It’s all, ‘who knows who, and how, for now’,” he shares.

“It’s the industry, the filmmakers and producers who decide what they want to feed people, if it’s substandard talent they encourage due to the lack of their own creativity, people get used to what’s been fed to them as there’s no alternative to choose from. It’s great that OTT is instrumental in shaping up people’s careers the way it is,” he adds.

He doesn’t complain about the year 2021, but hopes the next year will bring joy and prosperity to everyone.

“Thankfully, my family is safe, my relatives and friends are doing well. If you are alive, healthy and have food on your table today, you have every reason to be thankful. I’m just grateful for everything. Honestly, I don’t expect much from 2022, at the same time a lot too. I keep it that way now. I was supposed to do a film in London last year. We were about to leave in August but then things went south. It feels bad. So, it’s better to keep your expectations low and hopes high,” he concludes.

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