Money Heist NEW Season Ft. Millie Bobby Brown Is Our DREAM Come True & Netflix Just Knows It!
Money Heist NEW Season Ft. Millie Bobby Brown Is Our DREAM Come True & Netflix Just Knows It! (Photo Credit: Instagram/Millie Bobby Brown)

Money Heist has garnered a massive fan base over the years. Starring Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte amongst others, the Spanish drama is one of the most recommended thrillers to binge-watch. But that’s not the only reason La Casa de Papel is famous. Be it on-screen or in real life, the stellar cast is high on its fashion choices too.

Since the start of Season 1, we saw The Professor providing a specific red costume to the gang. Every time they would go for a heist, that turned into their identity. The attire is a red long jumpsuit with a chain at the centre. There’s an attached cap and full-length sleeves, obviously ensuring that they do not get caught. And the face mask is known to one and all.

But what if we say Money Heist Season 5 will witness a whole new cast? It may feature Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown and Caleb Mclaughlin. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, there’s Sex Education’s Patricia Mallison, to All the Boys ’ Lana Condor as a part of the squad too. Úrsula Corberó aka Tokyo has been revived as well. But is it really true? Well no, Netflix just ended up playing with our feelings.

Netflix India took to their official social media handle. They shared pictures of different talents from their shows in red and carried something similar to a look test. They even mockingly mentioned how the new season of Money Heist ft. Millie Bobby Brown and these other actors would look great.

Well, as expected, a couple of fans even took it seriously.

“Can’t wait,” wrote a user.

Another mentioned, “TOKYO AND MILLIE”

A fan pointed out Millie Bobby Brown and wrote, “Why the stranger things girl in LITERALLY EVERYTHING?!”

“Wait a freggin minute… LANA CONDOR??? i am not at all prepared to see her acting in THRILLERS,” mentioned another.

Well, don’t know about Money Heist Season 5, but we would definitely love to see these beauties in a fashion flick together.

Millie Bobby Brown, Lana Condor, Úrsula Corberó and others’ fans, what are your thoughts? Comment section below right away!

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