Meme Ft John Abraham & His C*ndom T-shirt With Money Heist's Arturo, Dark's Hannah & Sex Education's Isaac Is DEEP!(Pic credit: Instagram/georgerossrobinson, majaschone, enriquearceactor, netflix_in)
Meme Ft. John Abraham & His C*ndom T-shirt With Money Heist’s Arturo, Dark’s Hannah & Sex Education’s Isaac Is DEEP!(Pic credit: Instagram/georgerossrobinson, majaschone, enriquearceactor, netflix_in)

We all love crossovers, don’t we? It is always fun to see characters from the different universe or movies/series coming together. Remember the craze when Rajinikanth’s Chitti Robot had a cameo in Shah Rukh Khan‘s Ra.One? The movie might have received criticism from many, but the crossover is memorable! When it comes to mixing up different worlds, trust Netflix to do it better. After all, they’ve brought together Dostana’s John Abraham with characters from other series.

Netflix India sometimes seems more like a meme page and we have no complaints. We totally enjoy their hilarious takes and subtle digs at their own shows and characters. That’s exactly what they did with the shows Money Heist, Dark and Sex Education.

If you remember, in Dostana, John Abraham wears a t-shirt with the text printed – Use A C*ndom. It’s a funny thing to put up on a t-shirt but the message is crucial. But looks like he can be a sex educator to several characters from Netflix shows and teach them Sex Education!

But Netflix India has sorted out that too for us as they’ve chosen their own candidates. They want John Abraham to tutor Money Heist’s Arturo, Hannah Kahnwald from Dark and Isaac from Sex Education. To those who are wondering why, here’s the reason.

In Money Heist, Arturo and Monica have an affair and she becomes pregnant. As he is already married, he freaks out and abandons her and the baby. If Hannah from Dark would’ve taken protection or her husband, Jonas would never take birth. Without Jonas’ existence, there would be no Adam and all the drama that follows. Talking about Isaac from Sex Education, he deletes the message Maeve receives from Otis and we all know why. Here also, he needs to understand privacy and consent. It’s ironic at a character from Sex Education needs sex ed!

Netflix India captioned this John Abraham meme, “Petition to make sex ed compulsory.”.

Check it out below:

We wonder how John Abraham would react to this meme!

What do you have to say about this hilarious, deep and interesting meme? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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