Money Heist 5 Teaser Featuring Álvaro Morte aka Professor Out!
Money Heist 5 Will Be Releasing In 2 Volumes On Netflix(Photo Credit: Still From Show)


A show to have caught the frenzy of the world and kept its loyal fans waiting has to be Netflix’s international crown jewel, Money Heist. Season 5 of the show is due this September and fans cannot wait anymore to meet their Professor as he prepares for the loot one last time, and his fate will only decide where he lands. To excite you more, the makers have now decided to reveal the world of La Casa de Papel season 5 with a teaser.

Netflix has now taken to their official Twitter handle to give out the teaser of the show. Money Heist season 5 starring Álvaro Morte, has been due for a long time. The show was given a green signal for the last season long back, but the pandemic and the halts that it induced only delayed the process. The teaser for what’s ahead is released now and it has put us all in tension. Our Professor is in chains and we don’t know what’s exactly happening. Read on.


The teaser of Money Heist 5 dropped Netflix’s Twitter handle is a 28 seconds clip, but with too much packed in it. It opens up on a close up to Professor and we finally have him on the screen. But wait, is he chained? Yes, he is. The camera pans towards the one holding the other end of the chain, and it is none other than Alicia Sierra. Remember the pregnant inspector of the National Police Corps? If yes, you must also remember she had found out about Álvaro Morte’s hideout by the end of season 4.

So, it is for sure that Professor is busted. But does it end there? Or there is more? Definitely, there is, but it will be interesting to see how it unfolds. Money Heist 5 trailer will be out on August 2 as announced by Netflix. Our hopes and questions are now hooked to August 2, and we already don’t know how to love with this curiosity.

Meanwhile, Money Heist 5 is divided into two volumes. Volume 1 will release on September 3, 2021, and Volume 2 on December 3, 2021.

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