Mirzapur Season 3: 5 Biggest Reveals In The Mirzapur 3 Teaser
Prime Video Released The First Look of Mirzapur 3. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Mirzapur is back, and it is back with an explosion. Excel Entertainment‘s mega-hit series Mirzapur is returning for season 3, and fans have gone into a frenzy. The hype around the Mirzapur Season 3 is big and buzzing; everyone wants to know what happens in this highly anticipated series.

After waiting four long years, fans got glimpses of the upcoming season in a showreel by Prime Video. It is a lot to unpack, but don’t worry because we are putting on our detective hat and listing the five most enormous easter eggs and reveals we could gather from the Mirzapur Season 3 Teaser.

Kaleen Bhaiya Is Back!

The gangster for all seasons is back. Towards the end of the almost 4-minute showreel, we hear Pankaj Tripathi’s voiceover, which was a goosebumps moment. We see Kaleen Bhaiya standing over a waterfall, and simply the words, “Bhool Gaye Kya?”. After the end of season 2, the fate of Kaleen Bhaiya’s life was hanging in the balance, but his return is scary and spine-chilling, especially now that he has something to avenge.

Guddu is The uncrowned King of Mirzapur.

In the finale of Mirzapur Season 2, we saw Guddu Bhaiya take over the seat of Kaleen Bhaiya. The season 3 teaser starts with the reign of Guddu Bhaiya, and the teaser only shows a glimpse into his mad reign. Guddu Bhaiya has fulfilled his revenge, so what is next for him in Season 3? Will Golu stand firm with Guddu Bhaiya, or will power come in between?

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Bharat Tyagi, Madhuri Yadav, and Sharad Shukla Return In Full Power

We were introduced to new characters in the second season that we instantly fell in love with and who elevated the show so much. Isha Talwar returns as Munna Tripathi’s wife, Madhuri Yadav, struts in with full power.

Vijay Varma is guns akimbo as Bharat Tyagi, and Anjum Sharma returns in full glory as the devious Sharad Shukla. These characters are going to be very pivotal moving into Mirzapur Season 3.

Something Is Brewing Between Beena Tripathi & Guddu Pandit

One of the biggest shockers of the teaser was the quick scene where Guddu Bhaiya pulls Beena Tripathi, played by Rasika Duggal, towards himself. This one scene has fans gasping because of what this means for Golu and Guddu’s relationship. Beena was the trump card last season, but she will become a confidant; only time will tell.

Guddi Bhaiya’s Fiery Reign spreads, But where is Munna?

We again circle back to the finale of last season. Munna Bhaiya’s future on the show was dicey, but many reports confirmed Divyendu Sharma’s presence at the show.

But his recent absence from the announcement and the fact that we see the character of Madhuri, Munna’s wife, sans any married woman’s adornments. The future of Munna Bhaiya’s return is still skeptical, but we might get the biggest surprise if he does drop by.

Prime Video finally released the first look poster of Mirzapur Season 3 yesterday and a reel of all the major shows and movies coming to Prime Video. The video featured a small teaser for Mirzapur Season 3 as well.

Watch The Video Here:

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