Pankaj Tripathi Laughed Like Crazy While Reading This Scene Of Mirzapur 2
Mirzapur 2: Pankaj Tripathi Talks About A Scene Which Made Him Go ROFL(Pic credit – Pankaj Tripathi/ Instagram )

Pankaj Tripathi is on an altogether different level of fame with his stint in Mirzapur 2. Just like expected, fans got to witness a more power-packed performance by the actor as Kaleen Bhaiya in the second season.


Throughout the series, Pankaj has pulled off his ‘Baahubali‘ character quite brilliantly without getting over the top. Kaleen Bhaiyya is always calm and composed with a straight face. Even though rarely, Kaleen does smile on some occasions. In the first two seasons, we have seen these aforementioned shades of Pankaj as Kaleen but never we saw him laughing his guts out and it might not be witnessed even in the upcoming season, owing to his character sketch. But do you know, there’s one behind the scene story during which the veteran actor literally fell off the chair?


Yes, you read that right! Pankaj Tripathi did laugh out loud while making Mirzapur 2 and it happened when he was reading one of the scenes. Wondering which scene made him laugh like crazy? Let us enlighten you. While talking to DNA, he revealed a scene where he visits a se*ologist along with Maqbool. Intentionally designed as dark humour, Pankaj found it too much hilarious to control his laugh while reading it.

While narrating to the portal, Pankaj Tripathi said, “I remember the scene where Kaleen Bhaiya meets the Chief Minister and Lalit is with him. I was really unwell during that scene. If you look closely you will see my face is swollen. I remember the humour of the scene and how Kaleen Bhaiya turns out to be so brutal by the end. There was also a scene where Kaleen Bhaiya along with Maqbool goes to the doctor and I remember I fell off the chair while reading the scene. It was too funny. We wanted it to be shot on a serious note so that audience can enjoy it.”

He also spoke on playing and enjoying the character of Kaleen in Mirzapur. “I genuinely enjoyed playing Kaleen Bhaiya. The way he handles people and especially his hypocrisy. So during the performance, I thought his hypocrisy is very entertaining. I liked the writing when I heard it. I thought it was an interesting role. I enjoyed the first scene where Kaleen is built up. How this character is so powerful for the outsiders but falls weak in his personal life,” he added.

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