Ali Fazal helped Shweta Tripathi to prep for her role, Golu in Mirzapur 2
Mirzapur 2: Ali Fazal Was Yelled By Shweta Tripathi As She Fired The Gun For The First Time

As Guddu and Golu united on the poster of Mirzapur 2, it set the tone for what will follow here on. Amazon Prime’s tentpole show which returns on October 23. “Mirzapur par badi Beti na sahi, choti raaj karegi.” announced the show’s social media page. Ali’s Guddu and Shweta’s Golu are back, but from this point, there’s no looking back!

Interestingly, Shweta Tripathi Sharma and Ali Fazal were a pillar of strength for each other on set as well. Because of being the two most primary characters carried forward from the last season, the onus of taking the narrative forward is on them too. The duo seeks revenge for the death of their loved ones, as evident from the trailer of the show.



For Shweta Tripathi, Ali Fazal was a stronghold. The Mirzapur 2 actress shared, “The first time I fired a gun, I called him and yelled at him. He and Vikrant (Massey, Babloo from Mirzapur) had never mentioned how heavy the guns are or how difficult it is to use them. I eventually took training but eventually it’s Ali who helped me out. I spoke at length to him and he gave me the confidence to train and perfect the part. A large part of the show is also preparing yourself emotionally for the action. Ali was a big support. He would make sure I am doing it perfectly. He would point out if something wasn’t flowing naturally and we would rework thereon.”

Shweta Tripathi adds that with new characters and actors joining in, it was a double blast working this time around. “I miss Shriya and Vikrant so much. It was a journey we started together and here we are in the new season. This set has given me some of the best co-actors, the most fun colleagues, and memories of a lifetime. Mirzapur’s writing keeps you on your toes. Golu in season 2 is nothing like season 1 and it’s my team who helped me create her with some gusto and precision,” said the Mirzapur 2 star.

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