This was Jasmin Bhasin’s biggest fear before entering BB 14
Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin Had THIS Fear Before Entering Salman Khan’s Show!

It is no secret that while Bigg Boss 14 is a great platform for contestants, it is also a place which teaches them many things. Among these are household chores, which they normally wouldn’t have to do! Well, it is these that scare Jasmin Bhasin the most!

“I am a very lazy and laid-back person. I like taking it easy most of the times. I am very scared of the work that I will have to do in Bigg Boss. I know how to wash utensils, make the bed and like cut vegetables, but I cannot do anything beyond that, especially clean bathrooms! I hope I don’t have to do that!” she says.

And is there anything else which is a complete no-no for the actor? The Bigg Boss 14 contestant had shared, “Sharing my bed with anyone!” she said! “I hope I am not made to share my bed with anyone. I can sleep on the sofa if I have to, but I just hope that I am not made to share my bed with anyone!”

The actor also made sure to take only the best when it came to outfits in the show. “We will be locked up in the house for a long time and I really want to take this time to show the audience my fashion sense and style. I have chosen a lot of interesting outfits for the house and I hope the audience will like my style,” she says.

Well, just one week in Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 14, and Jasmin Bhasin has given us quite a few style goals!

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