Melvin Louis Donates Hair To Cancer Patients
Melvin Louis Donates His Hair To Cancer Patients(Pic credit – Melvin Louis/ Instagram )

Choreographer Melvin Louis has donated his signature long hair to cancer patients. Melvin had grown his hair over eight years without undergoing any chemical treatment. The dancer has now shared on Instagram a picture of his hair trimmed for a ponytail, along with a note about his experience of hair donation.

“We often tend to take the little things we are blessed with for granted. I always had long healthy hair and I never really bothered to think about how lucky I was or even think about the ones who lose their hair owing to the tedious process of chemotherapy,” Melvin said.

Melvin Louis added: “It was only until I came across the young friends of my niece, who donated their hair, I had a sudden reality check. As humans, it is our responsibility to help fellow beings and that is when I decided to grow my hair long enough to donate for cancer patients.”

Melvin Louis said, “I always ensured to keep my hair free of any chemical treatments in order to meet the criteria for the donation’s requirements. It is an extremely rewarding experience to be able to help someone, our little efforts could bring in so much happiness into someone else’s lives,”. He continued, “We have the ability to spread joy in not just our lives but be a part of other’s happiness and I see no reason in not taking the opportunity to do so.”

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