Master Chef India: Netizens Trolled Ranveer Brar For Being Biased Towards Home Cook Aruna Vijay
Judges Of Master Chef India Gets Trolled For Biased Behaviour ( Photo Credit – Show Still )

Master Chef India is one of India’s most loved and adored cooking reality shows; it enjoys a massive fan following. Season 7 has now finally entered its finale week, and the makers have made the challenges quite difficult to crack for home cooks. However, netizens feel that the judges of the show are biased towards Aruna Vijay & they were quick to call out her dish. Scroll below to read the details!

People from all across the country participate in Master Chef India to showcase their cooking talent. The show that has been airing on Sony TV received a warm response initially, but as time passed, many felt that the season was not exciting enough & judges were biased towards a few contestants.



Home cook Aruna Vijay has always remained on the radar of netizens as they feel judges of Master Chef India are biased towards her, especially celebrity chef Ranveer Brar. He was often called out for favouring her, and recently, Aruna’s dish was called out by the netizens, and some of them shared brutally honest reactions on their social media. Check out the reactions below:

One of the users wrote, “This is Aruna’s finale week plating of her supposedly innovative ugadi pachchadi in papdi chaat concept dish. Ranveer Brar and co should be embarrassed by getting this woman this far.”

They even called out chef Ranveer Brar for helping Aruna in making a dish, and complimented her for the same. One of the users wrote, “ This show (Master Chef India) is so biased towards Aruna. Khandvi aise banti hai? Fafda belan se bante hai? Come on. Learn basic cooking and then claim to be MasterChef. Every Gujarati must be laughing at Aruna.”

“The partiality couldn’t be clearer.”

“Where is the innovation??? Which is the biggest parameter for the judges…taste, innovation and presentation…”

Notably, the viewers felt that the current season was quite lenient as compared to other seasons. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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