Romance as a genre in world cinema has been delved into and sometimes overexploited more than we can even imagine. In these times to make one believe that it is more than Simran running in the ‘Sarson Ke Khet’ with Raj or Augustus bringing the stars down for Hazel to prove his love is difficult. Today we at Koimoi bring to you a compilation of 5 films you can watch on the streaming giant Netflix that are not the obvious romance, but a different take on it and trust us, you will have the best weekend if you plan to binge on them.

Marriage Story, Her, Once Again & Other 5 'Not So Obvious' Romantic Movies To Watch on Netflix This Weekend
Marriage Story, Her, Once Again & Other 5 ‘Not So Obvious’ Romantic Movies To Watch on Netflix This Weekend

Marriage Story:


Directed by Noah Baumbach Netflix’s recent product that also made it to the Oscars 2020, is a story of what happens when romance takes the backstage. What must one do when the other is found cheating but is guilty of his mistake. It features a couple fighting their divorce case while deciding who of the two will have their child’s custody. Starring Scarlett Johansson and Adams Driver, Marriage Story is a brilliant film that isn’t in a hurry to jump to a conclusion, rather it is on a journey to make you realise that love never dies, it is just a good decision that the two-part ways on mutual grounds to make the dynamic work.

The Lunchbox

Ritesh Batra’s The Lunchbox starring Irrfan Khan and Nimrit Kaur is about loneliness. A housewife Ila craving for attention from her husband and a man Saajan on the verge of retirement come in contact when a tiffin box is by mistake delivered to his office. The two soon start sharing letters through the lunchbox and develop a relationship that I am afraid to call love. Lunchbox is meditation in cinema and deserves your patience. Unlike his stereotypical name, Saajan is not a quintessential ‘hero’, but a mid-aged man who is worried about his lonely life after retirement. Does the rather unusual romance escalate?, Do Saajan and Ila ever meet? Watch the film to get all the answers.


And we come to the most unobvious of all. Ever imagined a man falling in love with his computer? Joaquin Phoenix who happens to be known as the much-loved villain Joker falls in love with his newly bought OS in Her. The film is one of the most unusual romance and conversation that you will ever witness. The film is an insight into the possible outcomes that the lonely universe we are getting into giving ourselves to our gadgets. Go for it and come out shocked.


P.S. I Love You

This one never gets old. P.S. I Love You is the romance after death. Holly Kennedy is trying to make peace with the fact that her husband has passed away due to brain tumour and bring her life back on track. Soon she realises that her late husband has left her 10 messages to help her cope up with the loss and start a new. P.S. I Love You is a film that has won hearts across the globe and will continue to win till the end of it. It is this story that justifies that love never dies. A quick tip: you would need some tissues with this one, keep them handy and try not crying much.

Once Again

Can love spark between two individuals who are in their mid-age and had pasts with their ex-partners? Starring Shefali Shah and Neeraj Kabi, Once Again is a Netflix film that redefines that age is just a number in a never seen before ways. It questions all the taboos that are associated with age, gender, late marriage, a single mother falling in love and much more in the most subtle way without even a note over the top.

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