Mahabhart: From Temples Being Created To Brutally Getting Injured While Shooting; Here Are Three Unheard Trivia About Karna AKA Mahabharat
Mahabharat: From Temples Being Created To Getting Brutally Injured While Shooting; 3 UNHEARD Trivia About Pankaj Dheer’s Karna

BR Chopra’s Mahabharat featuring Mukesh Khanna, Nitish Bharadwaj, Puneet Issar, Pradeep Kumar, Gajendra Chauhan, Gufi Paintal, Arjun Firoz Khan, Pankaj Dheer and more is a cult series, and we all have grown up watching it. The show created history when it was shown in the UK by BBC as it was watched by 5 million people, which is not common for a subtitled series being aired in the afternoon.

During the lockdown, we all have watched the full series again, and it has genuinely sent us to childhood nostalgia. Today, we are going to tell you three interesting trivia about Pankaj Dheer who played Karna in Mahabharat. Get Ready.

1. Pankaj Dheer got massive respect for playing the role of Karna. According to media reports, his pictures were used in textbooks as a reference to Karna. The actor has himself revealed that his deities were worshipped in the temples of Karnal and Bastar. He told DNA, “People have loved me and adored me over the years. It goes to show that I have merited it. Even in the history books of school, if they have a reference to Karna, they have my picture there. So, as long as these books will be printed in school, I will always be their reference as Karna. I also have two temples where there is Puja done every day. I am worshipped there in Karna mandir. I have been to those temples. One is in Karnal, and one is in Bastar.”

2. Pankaj Dheer had faced a near-death experience while shooting for BR Chopra’s Mahabharat. The actor was shooting for a sequence around Rajasthan in the scorching heat. As per the sequence, Dheer was in a chariot. According to media reports, Pankaj’s Chariot was running away in the location and broke mid-way. This made horses run haywire. Pankaj Dheer made a spontaneous decision and jumped out of the Chariot to save his life.

3. Here is another interesting anecdote, according to IMDB, Pankaj Dheer was hit by an arrow near his eye while shooting for Mahabharat and had to undergo a surgery for the same.

Well, undoubtedly, Pankaj Dheer is a dedicated actor who has truly enhanced our Mahabharat watching experience through his fantastic acting skills. What’s your reaction to these trivia, tell us in the comments and stay tuned to Koimoi for such articles.

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