Loki Episode 5
Loki Episode 5: Kang The Conquerer Is Coming To Episode 6 & Here Are 4 More Things To Expect! (Image Courtesy: Marvel Comics / A Still From Loki)

Loki episode 5 is finally here, and yea, Tom Hiddleston was right when he said this 4th & 5th episodes are his favourites from the series. What’s unique about this one, there’s nothing major happening at the core (till the last 15 minutes at least), but there’s still a lot to talk about how this lays a perfect base for the finale.

If you’re in, you should first watch the episode because we’re going to discuss a lot about how Loki Episode 6 would look like, which means spoilers. Without wasting any of your time, just as Loki Episode 5 did, let’s deep dive into predicting what the big bang finale could have in store for us.

1. Castle Doom or Castle Limbo?

Let’s start with that ending first! What was that? After pulling off an unimaginable enchanting process with Alioth The Usurper, Loki & Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) hand-in-hand heads towards a yet-unknown castle. Now, there are two kinds of theories; we’ll talk about both of them & finally tell you what we think. The first set of people are saying it’s Castle Doom ruled by Dr Doom, and others feel it’s Castle Limbo (Temporal) which is Kang The Conqueror’s den.

If you’ve been following all the easter-eggs, this is likely to be Limbo because there’s likely to be Kang’s appearance in the finale. Yes, you can rule out this theory by saying Marvel couldn’t introduce such an important character through a series, but the hints are too strong to miss. From Ravonna Renslayer’s connection to Kang, to the presence of ‘cloud monster’ Alioth The Usurper, we won’t be surprised if Kang appears in the finale (or it’s a mid-credit sequence, maybe). In the below image, right one is Castle Doom and left could be Limbo.

Loki Episode 5
Image Courtesy: Marvel Comics / A Still From Loki

2. Alioth The Usurper leading us to Kang the Conqueror!

Alioth is strongly connected to Kang the Conquerer, and with Sylvie enchanting him in Loki Episode 5, the only way to take the finale to the next level by introducing the main bad guy (Kang). The comics have shown a (kind of) rivalry between Alioth & Kang in which the former actually had a hold over the latter.

Because Alioth could just usurp any amount of space destroying everything, his emperor is way bigger than what Kang has with Temporal. Alioth, in the comics, had created this line of control which Kang should never cross. If the makers follow the same track (which they will), Loki & Sylvie are now responsible for breaking that LOC to reach Kang.

Loki Episode 5
Image Courtesy: Marvel Comics / A Still From Loki

3. Avengers Tower? Yes & No!

A scene in Loki Episode 5 also showed an abandoned & destroyed tower that looked like a replica of Avengers Tower. Fans started screaming on social media, mentioning it as Avengers Tower, but the eagle-eyed set of fans revealed how that wasn’t the case. The tower shown in the episode is & isn’t Avengers Tower. How? Well, if you look closely, it spells ‘Qeng’, which means it’s Kang The Conqueror’s Queng Enterprises.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not Avengers Tower. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, we saw Tony Stark confirmed selling Avengers Tower, but the buyer isn’t revealed. There were a whole set of rumours regarding who could the buyer be. But, from the comics, we know it was sold to Qeng Enterprise, which is owned by Kang The Conqueror. Do we need any more clues regarding Kang’s presence in the finale? If yes, there are more ahead.

4. The ‘Sphinx’ time-machine!

In one of the latest promos, we spotted ‘Sphinx’ but didn’t pay any heed because it didn’t matter. But, after Loki Episode 5, it does matter a lot. How? Remember the scene where Ravonna Renslayer says to Sylvie that there’s a prototype time machine that could take us to the end of time? In Marvel comics, Kang had one such time machine as well.

So, what’s big in that? He’s a supervillain, and it shouldn’t be surprising for him to have a time machine. But what’s surprising is that Kang uses Sphinx as a time machine. Connect the dots and let us know what do you think of the same.

Loki Episode 5
Image Courtesy: Marvel Comics / A Still From Loki

Sidebar: Throg’s easter-egg!

Loki Episode 5
Image Courtesy: Marvel Comics / A Still From Loki

This doesn’t have to do anything with the things we could see in Loki Episode 6, but it’s too cute to miss. Yes, Crocki (Crocodile Loki) stole the show in Loki Episode 5, but a glimpse of Throg (Frog Thor) sealed in a bottle going for his hammer is a scene that would go on in our minds on loop for a long time now.

Fun fact, the comics have shown a human named Simon Walterson turning into a frog because of a witch’s curse. To fight for his justice, he was handed Thor’s hammer, which gave birth to Throg. Unnecessary but fun information!

So, what does Loki Episode 6 looks like? Owen Wilson’s Mobius has gone back to TVA to burn that place to the ground, so expect a solid confrontation scene of him with Ravonna Renslayer. Loki & Sylvie are off to meet Kang The Conqueror, so expect yet another brilliantly lit & choreographed action sequence. Ravonna Renslayer should come out as a partner of Kang The Conqueror. Last but not least, and if this doesn’t happen, we all will never forgive Marvel – Mobius getting to ride a jet-ski. Marvel, if you don’t give this guy a jet-ski, there would be no justice in this world.

But it’s Marvel & we still aren’t out of the Mephisto-fiasco we faced in WandaVision, so the best we could do is guess and wait for them to blow our minds either way.

If you’re not up-to-date & have watched Loki Episode 5, here’s our detailed analysis of Loki Episode 4. Read to know what all did we all predict & what all came true.

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