Liked Sex Education? Watch These Best 5 Web Shows That Deal With S*x In The Most Informative Way!
Liked Sex Education? Here Are Top 5 S*x-Positive Web Series Streaming On Netflix That Deals With The Topic Honestly(Photo Credit: Poster From Sex Education)

For years cinema and Tv-series have portrayed S*x in a provocative and glamorous way but seldom did portray an honest representation of sex and everything related to it. Nevertheless, a handful of filmmakers have tried to show it in an honest way possible and it is streaming on Netflix.


While the streaming platform is a big library of films and Web series, we will today list the top 5 s*x positive web shows available on the OTT platform. So let’s dig in.



A Polish sex comedy that is now streaming on Netflix revolves around a computer science student Natalia and her efforts to develop an algorithm for the female orgasm. The series brilliantly explores intimacy while also keeping in touch with the other themes of the show.


A comedy-drama anthology series revolves around the personal lives of individuals from Chicago. As they explore love and relationships, the show tries to destigmatize s*x. It is something that carries the approach of a modern-day rom-com. It has three seasons of streaming on the popular platform.


It is a British television drama series that is considered to be a frank representation of s*x, masturbation and relationships. The series narrates how a married couple looking for new ways to spice up their marriage. It is one of the must-watch s*x positive web series to watch on Netflix.

I Am Not Okay With This

Even though it’s a teen drama, based on the comic book of the same name by Charles Forsman, it’s worth watching on the streaming platform. The series tells the story of a teenager who navigates the complexities that come with being in a high school while she explores her sexuality. She also deals with her family life – all of it with her newfound superpowers.

Sex Education

When it comes to s*x positive web series, it’s almost impossible to not mention Sex Education. The Netflix series has managed to create a fan base of its own. The series focused on the need for proper sex education among teenagers and adults. It also delt with exploring sexual identity and inclusivity.

Big Mouth

Interestingly, it is an animated coming-of-age sitcom, unlike other web series. The series deals with a young person dealing with the difficulties of growing up from puberty and everything that comes along with it. It delves into the issues with no filter, and all frankness.

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