Kumkum Bhagya's Casting Director Shadman Khan Opens Up On Getting Indecent Proposals From Aspiring Actors
Kumkum Bhagya’s Casting Director Shadman Khan Opens Up On Getting Indecent Proposals From Aspiring Actors(Photo Credit – Instagram)

In the entertainment industry, the casting process plays an important factor and we cannot deny the fact that they are here to choose the talented ones. While some have some has misused their power and have taken advantage of aspiring actors. Now Kumkum Bhagya’s casting director Shadman Khan opens up about the issue in the industry.

Khan, who predominantly works in the TV industry, has done casting for some popular shows like Kumkum Bhagya, Naagin 4, Naagin 5, Molkki, Yeh Hai Chhahatein and many others. He also runs his own casting agency called ‘Shadman Khan Casting Agency’.



During a conversation with FilmiBeat, Shadman Khan talked about the #MeToo movement, casting couch and difficulties in the profession and much more. When asked about the MeToo movement, Khan said, “I don’t think it’s right. Many people have made MeToo just for the sake of publicity or to get the limelight and attention. In this industry, no one forces you to get physical. So, after that, if things don’t work in your favour, what’s the point to put such a harsh allegation? I am not saying, whosoever’s allegations are wrong or trying to get attention. But in the majority of cases, they do it for publicity only. Absolutely, it has affected casting directors’ image.”

The Kumkum Bhagya’s casting director also said that he faced several indecent proposals from aspiring actors and models who came to him for opportunities. Khan said, “I have faced very off and creepy proposals from girls many times. They send n*des or very seductive pictures without my permission. They think if they will send such kind of pics and videos, the casting director will cast them or entertain them. Not only this, but we also face situations when the actors and actresses directly offer ‘Mai Kuch Bhi Karne Ko Ready Ho. Bus Mujhe Kaam Chahiye’. These things won’t get you to work in the industry. Only your talent matters. Your acting skills speak nothing else.”

However, on such encounter, Shadman Khan said that he would make understand that these things won’t give them work and advice them to work on their weaknesses, on their looks, acting skills etc.

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