After having celebrities duos like Alia Bhatt- Deepika Padukone, Akshay Kumar – Ranveer Singh, Saif Ali Khan – Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor – Arjun Kapoor in addition to the single Aamir Khan on the couch, this week of Koffee With Karan’s episode witnessed Ajay Devgn with wife Kajol on the hot seat. From addressing the Karan Johar – Kajol feud, to talking about daughter Nysa, here are the highlights of the episode:


1. Karan Johar Publicly Apologises For Writing A Chapter On Their Feud

It is well known to all the gossip lovers that there was a certain time span in the past where Kajol & Karan stopped talking to each other due to certain misunderstandings. KJo revealed about an incident where he walked past Kajol at an event without wishing her. He further went onto apologize for writing a chapter on their feud in his book as he said, “I missed you those years we didn’t speak and I wish I could take that chapter out of that book of mine. I have to say this on national television that I’m really sorry because I shouldn’t have written that chapter but I did.”

Koffee With Karan Season 6: From Ajay Devgn Dissing KJo's Kaal To A Public Apology, Here's All The Deets About The Fun Episode
Koffee With Karan Season 6: From Ajay Devgn Dissing KJo’s Kaal To A Public Apology, Here’s All The Deets About The Fun Episode

2. Ajay Devgn Mocks ‘Kaal’ With KJo & Talks About Social Anxiety

In the rapid fire round, when Ajay was asked about a superstition that he believed for long, he said, “That your every movie starting with K is going to work”. Also, being an introvert that he is, Ajay is often confused as arrogant because of his lack of social interaction. He prefers being at home rather than making public appearances. He also went onto reveal that he sort of has social anxiety.

3. An Insight To Their Family Life


As unknown to many people, Ajay isn’t really the daddy cool and when asked to what’s the first thing he would say if Nysa got a male friend at home, he said, “Get Out”. Moreover, Nysa has a deadline and Ajay waits at the door until she reaches home at night.

4. Kajol & Ajay’s 20 Years Of Married Life

Its been almost 20 years that the duo have been married and unlike the lovey-dovey couple, they’re super cool mocking each other privately as well as publicly rather than showing fake affection on the camera. A proof of the same was when Karan asked Ajay about the new age actor that he thinks would play the perfect role opposite Kajol, to which he said ‘As a son?’. Kajol went onto abuse him mockingly saying, “kutte, kamine”. Indeed a super fun relation that every person would want!

5. Kajol’s Shopping Deets

Unlike most celebrities, Kajol earlier used to buy stuff from Santacruz market but over the period has switched to online shopping where she buys stuff worth from 500-1200. She indeed is very down to earth and knows the value of money and that’s something we can’t help but appreciate!




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