Highlights From Star Vs Food Episode 2 Ft. Karan Johar
Star Vs Food Episode 2 Features Karan Johar & His Quirk ( Photo Credit – Instagram / discovery+ India / Mrunal Thakur )

Imagine all the places you would spot Karan Johar on. And I mean this in all the U/A context, so don’t let your horses loose. A film set, an award night, a chat show, a reality gig, a high-end restaurant, inside its Kitchen? Oh, wait, Karan inside the kitchen cooking food? Yes, you heard that right. In the latest episode of Discovery Plus’ Star Vs Food, the celebrity guest is Johar, and as one can expect, there is enough drama to suffice for another episode. The filmmaker-producer is up for a challenge and whether he succeeds or not is with the future.

I am impressed how Discovery, until now, is keeling up the streak of choosing stars that are far away from the kitchen. The debut episode had Kareena Kapoor Khan, and we all know how that went. The latest and second has Karan Johar entering the kitchen for the first time, and no, Jaya Bachchan is not standing with an ‘arti ki thaali’. The filmmaker confesses that he knows nothing about cooking, not even using any cooking appliances, and that is a fun start to a show about cooking.



As the filmmaker struggles to make ends meet for a day, and cook a meal for his friends. Here are the highlights from today’s episode and reasons why you should watch it.

Karan Johar’s Quirky Fashion Sense

Karan Johar and his fashion sense is a wild animal, or let us put it this way ‘wilder than a wild animal’. And he continued the same game here too. Starting from the bottom, Karan wore silver sneakers, with black pants and a bright pink oversized hoodie, that had a panther print on it. Do you know anyone else who can pull that off? I won’t give you a mark if you say, Ranveer Singh, isn’t that too obvious?

Karan Johar & His Vocabulary Full Of Adjectives

All the Koffee With Karan fans in the house, raise your hands if ‘bona fide’ is a term Mr Johar taught you. Well, he is on the show with his vocabulary, and it has numerous adjectives this time around. Affability is a new word coming out of his mouth, and not to forget, he drops an F-Bomb too. Watch Out!

Karan Johar And the Art Of Double Meaning Jokes

While the vocab accompanies the filmmaker, so does his mind with all the double meaning one-liners that he keeps dropping every now and then. At one point, he begins explaining spooning, and the episode almost touches the A zone. But thanks to the director, he brings things back on track. Karan takes a jibe at his own statements and laughs at how politically incorrect they are. How Karan Johar of Karan Johar, indeed.

Mrunal Thakur’s Advice On What Not To Tell An Ex

Now here comes the most exciting part. Karan has invited three of his friends over a meal. They include Seema Khan, Mrunal Thakur and Saiyami Kher. He begins a rapid-fire kind of quiz and asks what should someone not tell their ex? While Seema is confused, Mrunal asks if she can say it on the camera, and says, “that I came”. Well, well, well, things just got nastier. Sohail Khan’s wife Seema finally has an answer as she says, “Who you?”

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