Kangana Ranaut Reminded Of Having Two Siblings By Saloni Gaur, After Actor Says There Should Be Punishment On Third Child
Kangana Ranaut Hits Back At Saloni Gaur After She Reminds Her Of Having 2 Siblings ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has managed to keep her Twitter handle trending ever since she has decided to take over it. The actor most recently had a rant for the people who are depressed and upset with the situation due to the pandemic. She has also expressed concern over the rising population and has a solution that people should be imprisoned or fined if they welcome a third.

Well, her thoughts would be a possible solution, but the internet was all set to give the actor a reality check. Comedian Saloni Gaur took the mantle to remind Kangana that she also has 2 siblings and that they make a trio. For the unversed, Kangana has a sister (Rangoli Chandel) and a brother Akshit Ranaut. As expected, even Gaur wasn’t spared from getting a rant about her comedy. Read on to know everything.

In one of her many tweets about population control, Kangana Ranaut wrote, “We need strict laws for population control, enough of vote politics it’s true Indira Gandhi lost election and later was killed for taking this issue head on she forcefully sterilised people but looking at crisis today at least there should be fine or imprisonment for third child.”

This tweet reached Saloni Gaur, a comedian who is known for mimicking Kangana Ranaut and is quite popular for many of the characters she has created. Gaur shared a screenshot of the Google search, of how many siblings Kangana has. It said 2. The tweet was hailed by netizens, who also took the initiative to remind Ranaut of the same. Do you think Kangana wouldn’t have replied to it?

In a sum of two tweets, Kangana Ranaut bashed Saloni Gaur to the tee. She called her comedy a joke and even said she mocks people’s vulnerability and hard-earned success.

Kangana Ranaut wrote, “No wonder your comedy is a joke on you, my great grandpa had 8 siblings in those days many children used to die, in jungles there were more animals hardly any humans, we must change with changing times, need of the hour is population control like China we should have strong rules. If you could understand complex topics like these you would do something worth while with your life not mock people their vulnerabilities their hard earned success to feed yourself, you clearly don’t know any better, little annoying dumb fool …”

Meanwhile, earlier talking about population Kangana had written, “People are dying because of over population 130 crore Indians on paper but add more 25crores, illegal immigrants, a third world country but got a great leadership which is leading the world in vaccination drive and fight against corona. But we also need to take responsibility na.”

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