Kapil Sharma Reveals Gatecrashing Shah Rukh Khan's Party After Getting Drunk, Getting Trolled
Kapil Sharma Reveals Gatecrashing Shah Rukh Khan’s Party After Getting Drunk, Getting Trolled(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet landed today on Netflix and as expected we got some interesting anecdotes from probably the country’s most successful comedian at the moment. In the show, Kapil talked purely about his personal life highlighting the struggles he faced in climbing up the stairs of success. One such story he shares involved The King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan.


In one of many stories Kapil shared on Netflix’s stand-up, he narrated an incident in which he gatecrashed Shah Rukh Khan’s party after getting drunk. Though this was done with an innocent intention of showing his cousin Shah’s bungalows Mannat, it did end up on a hilarious note of getting trolled by none other than SRK.


Kapil Sharma, in the show, told, “I had a cousin visiting from London, she said she wanted to see Shah Rukh Khan’s house (Mannat). I was a few drinks down. I said, ‘okay no problem.’ I went to show her the house. There was a filmy party going on and the gates were open. Look how we misuse our fame. I asked the driver to enter the gates. The security people saw it’s me and allowed us to pass, thinking we were invited.”

“When I went in, I realised it was a mistake. When I got out of the car, I decided to leave. As I was leaving, Shah Rukh Khan’s manager came up. He’s like, ‘Oh, it’s you. Shah Rukh sir is inside, come.’ This happened at 3 am. Now, I’m wearing shorts and Skechers shoes. I’m chewing on paan, all high. I opened the door to see Gauri Khan with some of her friends. They thought Shah Rukh Khan has invited me. She’s like, ‘Shah Rukh is inside, please,'” Kapil Sharma added.

On how did Shah Rukh Khan react to this, he said, “He was SRK at home too, was dancing just like he does in the movies. I was baffled. I went in and apologised. The party was almost over, everyone except a few people had left. I said, ‘Sorry, my cousin was visiting and she wanted to see your house. It was open, so I came in.’ He said, ‘If my bedroom was open, would you enter there too?’ I was a gatecrasher, but I stayed the longest.”

Isn’t this pure Kapil Sharma style of entertainment for you?

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