Gautam Singh Vig connects with his character in 'Junooniyat' in many ways
Gautam Singh Vig connects with his character in ‘Junooniyat’ in many ways ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

‘Naamkarann’ actor Gautam Singh Vig, who plays the character of Jordan in the show ‘Junooniyat’, spoke about how he relates to his on-screen character in the daily soap which also features Ankit Gupta and Neha Rana in lead roles.

“I am glad to be associated with this show. The concept is new and unique. This is the first time there’s a musical show being aired on TV which is a love story and has a lot of drama in it. The main focus is on music and I feel so happy and grateful to be on this journey. My character Jordan belongs to the present generation. Music is his passion,” Gautam Singh Vig said.

On his similarity with Jordan, Gautam Singh Vig added: “I can connect with Jordan. We both are very much invested in our future and passion. Like Jordan’s passion is music I am also crazy about acting. Secondly, Jordan is very close to his mother, and so am I. Thirdly, just like how Jordan tries to prove to his father that he chose the right path, even Gautam is trying to do the same. So, I think yes this is how Jordan and Gautam are in so many ways similar. But somewhere you’ve to portray the characteristics of the character well. It all depends on acting, and body language. In real life, I have junooniyat towards my passion.”

The actor gives credit to his participation in ‘Bigg Boss 16‘ for getting immense support from the audience and he said he is grateful for that: “I didn’t expect so much. I feel grateful. After coming out, I saw how much love I was getting and I am so blessed to have everyone in my life. Now people now know me by my name Gautam Singh Vig, which is the biggest gift for me,” Gautam Singh Vig said.

Shooting in Chandigarh is not easy, but the production team, according to him, made things work. “I haven’t travelled anywhere outside for a daily soap. For me, this is just like my hometown because my mother was brought up here in Pathankot. So this is like my second home and I know Punjabi language, I love their music, their food, and everything else. The team is very nice, adjusting, and amazing,” he added.

Speaking on the changes he has seen in the industry, Gautam Singh Vig said: “I have been working in this industry for the past 6 years now. OTT is growing very fast and so many people are getting the opportunity to showcase their potential via this medium. Even social media is growing so much. Earlier it used to be that you just sell everything but now everyone is so intelligent and they know about good content. That is how the industry and audience have changed. Now everyone is taking work more seriously and is focusing on the content in detail and being more real.”

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