Jennifer Aniston Almost Lost A $22 Million Deal After FRIENDS Season 9, Know How?
Jennifer Aniston Almost Lost A $22 Million Deal After FRIENDS Season 9, Know How? (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Is there anyone who doesn’t love Friends or has not enjoyed watching the sitcom? Well, almost everyone reading this will agree that till date nothing can beat this show and we all still love binge-watching all the episodes. Every actor who was a part of this show has created a mark in the industry after this show. One of the actors who rose to fame was Jennifer Aniston.

The Marley & Me actor’s dashing lifestyle in Friends was loved by many. But did you know that she once was almost about to make a multi-million dollar mistake? Yes! You heard it right. Want to know what it was? Then continue reading further.

As per reports in The News, Jennifer Aniston was considering to walk away from Friends. She was making about $40,000 an episode during the first season. Ross and Rachel’s relationship gave a huge bounce to Aniston and Schwimmer to be paid more by season two. From there the cast banded together and won equal pay, the salaries went up each year: season four – $85,000, season five – $100,00, season six – $125,000, season seven and eight – $750,000.

After eight successful seasons of Friends, the cast received offers from other filmmakers. Jennifer Aniston, along with others, started to work on several projects during the season nine and felt it was time to end the hit show. However, they bargained for higher salaries again and were able to negotiate a $1 million per episode salary. The show continued for seasons nine and its final tenth season.

Well, it was at this point, Friends queen Jennifer Aniston considered walking away. If she has done so, she would have lost out on $22 million. Aniston felt the show should end after season nine at its peak as they were still popular and had excellent ratings.

When Friends came on Netflix, it gained even a more significant following by younger generations. What are your thoughts about Jennifer Aniston’s blunder she was about to make?

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