Jaaved Jaaferi: Even outside shows, Raju Srivastava would make people laugh
Jaaved Jaaferi Pays Tribute To Raju Srivastava ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Episode Still )

The well-known actor, comedian, TV host and dancer Jaaved Jaaferi spoke about late ‘King of Comedy’ Raju Srivastava. What made him popular was his very earthy and deeply rooted comedy, Jaaferi said.

He said: “I knew Raju because when he started off his career, he was doing small stage shows. At that point I was impressed. He was a simple guy, but his humour was very earthy, very Indian rooted, coming from a small town, but catering to a very wider Indian sensibility. Not only on shows, but wherever he stood among the people, he used to make them laugh.”

Jaaved Jaaferi has been part of several TV shows and movies. He also dubbed animated series like ‘Mickey Mouse’, ‘Goofy’ and ‘Don Karnage’ in Hindi and also hosted award shows like Filmfare and others.

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